UK MTB Hall Of Fame – The First Inductees

by Mark Alker 3

As we reported earlier this month the UK MTB Hall of Fame will be launched at this weekend’s Wiggle Mountain Mayhem. While this first batch of inductees has been decided on by a small panel of bike industry characters, in future years, the Hall of Fame recipients will be nominated and voted on by the public.

The site went live this morning will the first 12 and without further ado… here they are..

Jason McRoy
Tim Flooks
Helen Mortimer
Tracey Moseley
Rob Warner
David Baker
Carloline Alexander
Steve Peat
Martyn Salt
Tim Gould
Barrie Clarke
Nick Craig

The full site is here


The ‘hall’ as such will be virtual, with a permanent online exhibition, however at this month’s Wiggle Mountain Mayhem, there will be an actual exhibition of the characters involved where racers will be able to see who’s been nominated and inevitably come up with their own, different list.

We will have more on this story when the Hall opens oficially at Mayhem this weekend. You can keep up to date on the UK’s biggest 24 hour event on our mobile website or follow us on twitter @STWMayhem

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  1. Very pleased to see Martyn Salt in there. His events are always excellently organised and always great fun. The 24/12 is still awesome value for money for what you get (besides a 24 hour race in a world cup venue and a long weekend’s camping in Devon in July!) He works his ass off, and is a hugely nice guy with a lovely medium-dry sense of humour.

  2. Pat organised the Hall of Fame, I suspect he would have vetoed himself.

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