Singletrack Issue 74 Teaser: Dave and Sim go packrafting….

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Okay, Issue 73 of Singletrack Magazine may only just be on the shelves, but we thought we’d bring you a little taste of what’s going to be in Issue 74.

Inspired by tales of Alaskan wilderness exploration, Singletrack’s Art Dictator (Sim) and Director of Adventures (Dave) set their hearts on trying out a spot of packrafting. However, lacking a true wilderness to explore and the discovery that they’d have to cough up £800 for a ‘proper’ raft got them thinking that it could be done on a tighter budget – say £100 – and much closer to home.

A pair of £35 dinghys later, they were ready to set out upon the high (inland) seas with a visit to Ullswater in the Lake District.

You can check out the full feature in Issue 74, out on the 8th June. If you still haven’t subscribed to Singletrack, then now is the time to do it…

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Comments (11)

    Packraft bivi adventure on an island near you soon? Loch Lomond would be fun if you could avoid the wallabies!

    That wee dug with the massive stick is a nice detail 🙂

    How do you blow them up? One of those li-lo plastic footpumps? I remember them being quite heavy…

    I’d be terrified of the dinghy bursting and my bike ending up at the bottom of the lake!

    I’ve got one of those! Now I’m thinking of excursions which would doubtless ruin it for the kids 🙂

    pretty sure this can be files under the category of “can only end well” , possibly in the subcategory of “what were you thinking?” LOL

    Bet it took at least 5x longer to paddle than pedal from there.
    Contrived fun I s’pose.

    No Bouyancy aids? Woefully inadequate boats for the environment? Relying 100% on judging the conditions and yourselves right on the day to complete an essentially pointless challenge?

    Hell yeah! Love it.

    In the words of Rich Lineham, there is no such thing as ‘expeditions’ anymore. You are simply choosing to have a hard time on holiday.

    Looking forward to seeing how it went!

    where abouts is the trail at the start

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