Midweek Mini Movies 100!

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We’ve probably missed a few along the way, but this is at least the hundredth Midweek Mini Movies , so cause for celebration. We’re in good company – other people and things hitting their centenary on this day include the 100th anniversary of the East End Tailors’ Strike against sweatshops conditions and the 100th anniversary of the birth of English actress Betty Astell, who was one of the first people to appear on British television.

The Akrigg returneth! Not content with just riding his bike like a normal person, he’s combining a bit of rock climbing, caving and his usual unholy combination of trials and all-mountain bouncing about. Apparently he missed the Steel City DH for this – we can’t imagine why.

This is basically every young man’s dream, well, without the really grubby stuff. Big house full of your mates, loads of trails in the garden and nothing to do but ride bikes all day. Welcome to the world of Brandon Semenuk and friends.

Dan Barham returns with a slightly depressing project, but one that’ll be familiar to anyone who’s been riding a bike for any length of time. If you’ve ever spent the rainy season getting excited about a summer of bike riding possibilities only to have injury snatch it all away, then you’ll understand that the Best Laid Plans can go wrong…

Here’s young Kemp and Barham in happier times. A beautiful little oddity of an edit – it’s Ultramundane.

The Chain Reaction Cycles team are consummate Professionals – when they aren’t riding, they’re doing some retro law enforcement and sliding across bonnets.

You’ve probably seen MDFD (Modern Day Fred Dibnah) Guy Martin riding a pedal bike, but he’s more at home on a GSXR1000 superbike, outpacing a camera ‘copter on public roads. Makes riding a pushbike on dirt look very, very soft.

Not exactly mountain biking, but this time lapse video from Saddleback’s neutral support van at this year’s 112 mile Fred Whitton sportive makes amusing viewing. And somewhere in there is our editor Chipps, slogging round on his custom Seven. Unfortunately for him, the bike worked perfectly, so he had no excuses to stop.

And nothing to do with bikes at all. But… you think that dropoff looks big? Try a crane on top of a bridge…


And here’s Greg ‘Chopper’ Randolph with details of a competition to win a free trip to Sun Valley, Idaho.


Matt’s Arts and Crafts Corner

Bit like Calderdale bike riders, this lot only ride one kind of thing, namely parking barriers. Nice balaclavas too.

Man On Wire – Phillipe Petit’s tightrope walk across the Twin Towers – it’s still on the BBC iPlayer if you fancy the full version…


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