Sea Otter 2012: Kenda Tyres

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Here’s the latest tyre from Kenda’s signature series. It’s the Eric Carter Nexcavator, complete with super soft 42A sticky rubber.

Could they get the hot patch any bigger?


This compound will also be available on the Nevegal, the Happy Medium and the Slant Six in widths mostly of 2.35 and 2.5in for some too.


In case you were wondering about where to get tyres for your new 27.5in bike that you didn’t know you needed until now, then Kenda is one of the companies stepping up and making them in the medium size. This is the Karma in 2.0, but there’ll also be a Slant Six available.



See the next issue of Singletrack for a debate on this new size...


It's the middle way...


KHS has been one of the companies championing the middle way


Kenda also has two new tyres in the works. One is a complete secret, but the other one at least has a name. It’ll come in 26in and 29in and has the great name of ‘Honey Badger’… Stay tuned for that one.

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