Midweek Mini Movies 96

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Everything is easy when broken down into simple steps, so let us help navigate you through the boggy emotional moorland that is the middle of the week in three-ish minute chunks. It’s our pick of the riding videos that have made us daydream, laugh or simply stare at the screen with our mouth open. It’s Midweek Movie time…

We’ve got a massive soft spot for the riding round Finale Ligure in Italy, so this edit from the first round of the SRAM supported PRO Superenduro in Golfo Dianese had us yearning for roadtrips, summer and fast, technical riding by the seaside. Still, we’ve got Blackpool and Rhyl closer to home, so it’s not all bad. Oh.

Here’s some more aspirational riding with Justin Leov in Wanaka, New Zealand – that’s autumn there by the way. This came via Seb Kemp‘s frankly brilliant News Of the Tweet piece over at Bike Mag, which coincidently also features the continental meanderings of our very own Chipps.

Okay, back to the UK now and the drizzly delights of the quarries near Frome in Zummerzet with Chris Smith. It’s quite odd seeing someone do massive drops with a background that’s obviously England rather than some far flung red rock desert…

Quick, come look at this! It’s a 29er – you remember those? Yeah, 650B may be the next, next, slightly bigger thing (or is it slightly smaller than the last big thing?) but here’s Dave from Orange and Jake from Alpine Bikes frolicking in the woods on Orange’s new Gyro full suspension big wheeler.

Jethro Loader and friend have been messing about in the woods – no, not like that – they’ve been making this rather neat shred-tastic self-shot video. Plus they left their crashes in, which is always a good sign.

Mike from Mountain Bike Kerala sent us this little video of the riding around Uttarakhand in Northern India. Looks a little bit more exotic than Afan Argoed, we’ll give it that…

Matt’s Arts & Crafts Corner

At least Tupac didn’t come back as a zombie.

Brad McClain rips the pool – it’s hella sick..

Frog, chilling.

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  1. I’m not being funny but the riding in the New Zealand vid looks quite boring!

  2. Wanaka trails are awesome. Well worth a visit and a great example of how MTB can help tourism

  3. Will the frog be gear testing or riding next week?

  4. I think the frog might get eaten? Recipe anyone?

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