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Brrr! The snows that seem to signal the start of spring in modern Britain have returned to the northern parts of the country and are doing their level best to cover the rest of the country too. If, like us, you went riding as much as humanly possible in that sunny window, you’re probably enjoying a well earned rest right now. We can rest assured though, the sun and dust will return, even if it does take it’s time…

Innerleithen saw the first round of the Fetish Gravity Enduro the other weekend. We’ve got a full report from the event, but here’s some video from a sunburnt and action packed round.


Good news! There’s a new energy drink out there for the yoof to drink until they get so stoked they pass out, twitching and doing involuntary backflips. The Coastal Crew are on board as their representatives – so without further ado, here’s the super sweet and sick taste of Brown Pow. Mmm!


Even more snappers are moving to the world of moving pictures. Mr Dan Barham, he of a thousand Singletrack covershots, has been the latest. He headed to the Shore with Darcy Turenne to welcome in The Beginning (of his video career as well as spring) on the classic ‘Ladies Only’ trail.

We like bikes and we like zombie films, so this short from Aaron Larocque made us very happy indeed. Sadly Britain’s restrictive firearms laws would mean than many of us would just be helpless walking meatbags for the undead to feast on should Z-Day happen – even if the real world payoff is that you don’t need to fear getting shot by un-undead people when you nip to the cashpoint. However, if you lived in Canada you could just grab some firearms, hop in your SUV and head to the hills with your bike….

The life of a pro biker isn’t bad. When snowboarding in Sweden all winter long gets you down, just make like dirt jumper Martin Söderström and head to Barcelona to tear up dirt jumps and street riding in the sunshine.

Here’s a rather cool interview with blind downhiller Bobby McMullen, covering his thoughts on riding bikes, his heroes and all things inbetween.

Here’s John Hopkinson from Aire Valley Cycles riding his new Lapierre 929 Pro Race. It’s filmed, directed and edited by some bloke called Chris Akrigg, whoever he is.

Ceffyl yn y ffordd! The four legged beast of burden is a nervous creature, prone to a bit of mane-ia if you catch them unawares. The Forestry Commission have made this video to try to educate mountain bike riders about the consequences of inconsiderate riding.

If you’ve seen (or made) anything you reckon should be up here, then fire it over to newdesk@singletrackworld.com and we might pop it up here next week. Thanks to everyone that sent in this week’s suggestions, keep them coming…

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    Can’t watch the vids as I’m at work but does the Forestry Commission one ask horse riders to smile and say thank you when you slow down and give them some room?

    Tinman66, yes it does….sort of…well, the horse riders in the vid do anyway.

    Horse riders need to use common sense as well, have met horses on the single track at Afan clearly signed as mountain bike trails, riders on the Verders trail at FoD.

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