Fresh Goods 155 – Updated!

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Fresh Goods Friday is actually Fresh Goods Thursday this week, although thanks to the wonders of the internet you still won’t get to read it until Friday. Blame editors zipping off to trade shows, web editors swanning off to Arizona for the week and the looming deadline of our relaunch issue next week (we’re quite excited). Even though it’s ‘just’ a four-day week there’s still lots of stuff here so without further ado…


We’ve just had a Visit from Uncle Andy Richards of Andy Stand with his “available soon ” Folding version of his bike washing stand (He also bought beer and we got to stand outside for five minutes so we thought we’d pop it in.)

Space saving - Much less likely to be complained about "it's taking up loads of space" stand.
Flatter than a flat thing hang it on a wall after use,more space for butties in your boot - price TBC.

Any more info wanted contact him here.


Juice Lubes… everything!
From: VeloBrands.
Prices: £5.99 upwards.
Distributor VeloBrands sent over a big box with one of every Juice Lube product in it. We’ve got (deep breath): Fork Juice, Brake Juice, Frame Juice, AAS Juice, Bearing Juice, Wet Chain Juice, Dry Chain Juice, Ceramic Chain Juice, Dirt Juice, JL69 and even (ta da!) some Viking Juice. No, we don’t know what that does either, but we’re going to have fun finding out.

Chapeau! chamois cream
From: VeloBrands.
Price: £11.99 for 200ml
Also from VeloBrands, and not to be confused with Juice Lubes, is this brace of chamois cream. One minty, one not, both with some rather natty packaging. Now all we need is a discerning cyclist or two to test it. Er… anyone?

BOR XMD333 29er rim
From: VeloBrands.
Price: £84.99
A nice light (claimed 360g) 29in rim from German brand BOR. It has an offset spoke bed, which sheds weight and reduces dish but will require some concentration whilst we figure out the spoke lengths. A post-coffee job for Tuesday, perhaps.

X-Fusion Velvet RL DLA 140mm fork
From: Upgrade
Price: £444.99
X-Fusion might not be a name you think of when it comes to forks but they’ve got a good range at great prices. They’ve also just signed the mighty Anne Caroline Chausson alongside Brian Lopes – which should make quite the team. These forks are destined for an upcoming 140mm grouptest and we’re looking forward to seeing how they fare against the other brands.

Pivot Mach 5.7 Carbon
From: Upgrade
Price: £2099.99 frame & shock, build kits from £3299.99
Long termer season continues apace with an utterly gorgeous carbon build from Pivot via Upgrade. It’s an XT build and we already know that 145mm travel matched to DW link should equal a lot of fun. If you’re thinking it looks a bit dinky, that’s because it is – it’s size small (though they do an XS too), and is for Jenn, who will be using it for TransVesubienne amongst other things so it’s a good thing it doesn’t weigh very much at all. It’s even got the ‘right’ tyres fitted (ie. all the grip up front and none at the back). She’s very happy.

Clearly means business.
Speedy roller.
Chunky enough to make us now want a KitKat. To the newsagent!

ControlTech FX stem, 45mm x 5deg
From: Hotlines
Price: £69.99
A shiny stem from Hotlines. CNCd from a lump of 7075 aluminium and blessed with hollow clamp bolts. This is destined for Dave A’s ‘cross bike after he broke the last one in the height barrier incident. Oops.

Straitline AMP Chromo and Nukeproof Proton Alloy-Ti pedals

From: Hotlines
Price: both £129.99
We’ve got a pedal test coming up and these are a last-minute addition to the flat pedal camp. The Straitlines are made in Canada, come in lots of nice colours and have their own mini socket tool included for the pins whilst the Nukeproofs are ti-axled loveliness. We are anticipating lots of metal meets rock over the weekend as Sim’s going to put them on the Yeti SB66 (keep an eye out for that next week).

Mountain Bike Sardinia guidebook
From: Cordee
Price: £28.95
It’s holiday time! Or it will be soon. Occasional contributor Dave Barter sent this in to tempt us away from our work and off into daydreams. It’s got a lot of very nice pictures of sun, sea and dusty trails in. Mmmm, dusty trails. Dave’s also just published his own ebook, titled Obsessive Compulsive Cycling Disorder, so if you like what he’s written for us in the past then have a look at that too.

The North Face Dirt Track jacket
From: The North Face
Price: £145
New waterproof from TNF. Another softshell with zip-off sleeves. Blue steel, model’s own.

The North Face Thrill Hill top
From: The North Face
Price: £85
Not quite a softshell, a bit more than a jersey. Actually a women’s cut but Matt liked the pattern a bit too much for his own good. At least he didn’t try and actually get it on.

Camelbak HAWG NV 30 and Charge LR
From: Zyro Ltd
Price: HAWG NV 30 £139.99, Charge LR £74.99
Matthew would like it to be known that he did have the hump until these two Camelbaks arrived.
Two more new packs from the hydration specialists: an everything-plus-the-kitchen-sink HAWG NV 30 and an ultra-minimal Charge LR, with the funky new lumbar reservoir.

Lastly, saddle covers. Not really much use to mountain bikers we think, unless (like Matt) you need to cover up the fact that there’s now much more hair on your chin than on your head or (like Jenn) you’re finding that your sourdough is drying out a touch during the second proving despite being under a damp tea towel. Then they’ve very useful. Thanks,

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