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Fresh Goods! Fresh Goods! Ged yer freshgoods’ere!

It’s been a pretty busy week at Singletrack Towers, what with our big new redesign, plus bikes and bits showing up all over the place, so without further ado, or ceremony… Here’s this week’s FG4U!


Shimano Pedals

XT M780: £74.99

DX MX30: £69.99

First up is a sleek pairing of pedals from the big S.

There’s a pair of XT M780 clipless pedals and a pair of venerable DX flats


Pro Koryak Stem: £39.99

Pro Koryak seatpost £39.99

Now a post and stem pairing from PRO, Shimano’s in-house component company. The stem features a neat, slotted faceplate and the seatpost comes in a quite-hard-to-find-these-days 400mm length.


Hope Hoops – Pro2 Evo SP on Stans ZTR Crest 29er rims

Front: £114, rear £199

Here’s a pair of Hope Hoops, fresh from Barnoldswick. The wheels are hand laced and finished by real people in Hope’s new megafactory… These are straight-pull Evo2 hubs that’ll take a 9mm QR, 20mm or a 15mm axle by swapping end caps. These come in at 1740g a pair without QR. We can attest that they’re a bugger to get tyres on!



Shimano Cables

It’s springtime, so it’s time to refresh all the cables on the bikes. Time to regrease that BB, time to grease that seatpost. We ordered up some catering-packs of Shimano cables and bits and pieces to help us in our quest for springtime smooth shifting.


Shimano 105 road compact chainset.

Price: £159.99

How did that get in there? Someone must be doing some secret training(tm)

Shimano XTR Chainset

Price: £434.99

Now this is more like it. A race-spec XTR double chainset in a 44/30 macho off road size (or wimpy road size perhaps…)

Shimano XT Cassette

Price: £64.99

We never get tired of looking at intricately machined components. It seems a shame to go out and get them muddy. Nah, who are we kidding? These need to get dirt on them!

Hope V-Twin

Price: £250

This is Hope’s cable-to-hydraulic system, used to great effect by Paul Oldham and the other Hope factory ‘cross racers. It’ll also work on drop bar mountain bikes. Or at least, that’s what we’re hoping… as you’ll see shortly…


Carbon ‘cross fork death.

Price: Free!

What do you do when someone’s run their carbon forked ‘cross bike into a height-restriction barrier? We thought it best not to use the forks again… so just to make sure no one was tempted, Chipps sawed the legs off…


Blackburn Flea 2.0 USB rear light

Price: £24.99

We’ve been very happy with the latest USB rechargeable Blackburn Flea lights. They’re super bright in constant or flashing, attach easily, and have an inbuilt battery indicator.

M:Part Headset Spacers

Aluminium and splined for extra weight saving. Headset spacers are something you can never have too much of…

Bell Sweep Helmet

Price: £99.99

Riders here seem to either have Bell or Giro shaped heads. Jenn is Bell-shaped and has a tiny head to boot. Luckily this Sweep comes in all the sizes and allows instant peaked deployment for mountain biking and peakless for those endless road miles we, er, all do…

Tip Top Patches

Hey, it’s half term. What else are we doing to get Mark’s children to do?

Madison Clothing

Madison’s own-brand clothing has come a huge way since its introduction a few years ago. It’s gone from boxy-cut ‘value for money’ gear to some really great looking garments, with some real-world useful features. And some great colours too.

Madison Flux Softshell and Waterproof jackets £119.99 and £99.99 respectively…


Softshell on the left, waterproof in natty black.

Jamie models the new Madison Flux softshell.

And here's Technical Patrick getting cheerful in the grey one.

Teko (pronounced ‘tekko’) makes some pretty great socks if you’re after a plainer stealth look but still with that merino foot-hug…

Here’s the Light Hiking (in blue) £14.95 and the Minicrew (in stripy) £12.95

From: 08000 323505

We recommend following @tekosockmonkey on Twitter

Seven Sola 29SL

Price: $2,700 or so…


mmm... shiny!

 OK… it’s a flash, custom titanium frame and it’s got Chipps’ name on it. It’ll be appearing in the next issue, but he’s staying vague as to what exactly it’ll be doing there… Stay tuned. We’ve left a few more photos below for the titanium aesthetes out there…





Some neat dropouts.


A neat seat collar...


And now again in daylight...


And a 44mm headtube...




Lapierre Froggy 318

Price: £2099

Here’s a bike for getting yourself into trouble! The Lapierre Froggy is a box-ready downhill and mischief bike. For a couple of grand you get a bike you can hop on and race the Fort William 6hr Downhill. At least that’s what we’re hoping. We expect to see this being booked out most weekends as the staffers all take turns to scuff themselves on some big rocks.

Someone's going to want to slacken that out, aren't they?


A mighty long Fox Van R shock


Among the few words on the graphics that makes any sense.


Marzocchi 888s - a modern classic it seems.


They'd better see you coming with this get-up...



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