Core Bike: Hope Technology

by Chipps 12

Hope was showing its usual large array of products, many of which we’ve featured here already but there was still newness if you had a poke around. Oh, and the pedals are REALLY going to be out this spring.

Quietly sitting on an Orange Five was a chain keeper and a combined chainring/bashguard, ready for the 1×10 revolution that’s going to be sweeping the nation at some point. The chainring fits four-bolt chainsets and works well with Hope’s new keeper… There’s a couple of different ones in the works, but currently, they’re working on this seat tube mounted one first.

1x10 - it's the new singlespeed


An L-shaped keeper that can move in and out to keep the chain kept




Here's the pretty minimal combo


It'll inevitably come in lots of sizes



Here it is on a cyclocross bike, mounted to a seat tube direct mount tab


Expect to see a few of these on the start lines this autumn.


Hope is 'nearly there' with its integrated cassette and hub. Paul Oldham is aparently happy with it now, and if he is, then you will be.



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  1. Loving the integrated cassette… But why oh why in ten speed 🙁
    Why not in nine, it would have more success, specially in 9/36

  2. They have shown nine-speed versions in the past too. 🙂

  3. Ar they Mavic style zirkal spokes on the cross bike? On a hope hoop? Very interesting…..

  4. They look more like bladed steel I reckon.

  5. move with the times, grandad juan

  6. defo CX-Rays and I know the picture angle is not perfect but it looks like the cassette in the photo only has 9 gears but of course I could be wrong and left searching out my reading specs 😉 btw neat idea from Hope

  7. The chain is hiding the 10th spocket, pb2 🙂

  8. Who could afford the cassette though? I read somewhere that 4 of the sprockets are Ti. It will make an XX look like a bargain surely (though it’s a great idea and piece of engineering). A 9-36 spread would surely make 1×10 totally useble though for a lot of folks, n’est pas?

  9. Here’s the original story (from 2010!) on the Hope cassette (in nine speed then too!)

  10. Hope make such nice stuff and im so glad we have a brittish engineering company that we can be proud of and holds back on the product untill its fit for purpose , If that bash and ring were a 2 ten it would be perfect for me the hills are a killer here in North Devon. I only really use 2×10 on exmoor the big ring is just a spikey bash guard.

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