Core Bike 2012: Silverfish

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Lots to see at this year’s Core Bike Show 2012, so we’re chopping it into manageable pieces. First off, we take a look through the Silverfish atrium, starting with its Evoc packs.

Would sir like the mustard?

Evoc bags

Evoc has become known for its range of hydration packs with in-built back protectors. But not everyone wants one of those, or perhaps they have their own already. Evoc now has a range of bags to please those riders. And with styling less reminiscent of a French exchange student from the ’80s, these should be pretty popular. There’s also a small 10L pack (in black, below) with a back protector.


Simple, but bright…


The FR Lite is small, but still has full back protection.

Also from Evoc, there’s a range of lightweight back protection clothing that’s come over from the snow world. These are still fully safety rated, but less restrictive (and hot) than a full pressure suit and will suit the enduro or perhaps the trail centre rider wanting more protection. They’ll come with the extra shoulder pads for £130 or £89 without.

From behind
..and from the front.
Possibly the best looking full face helmet bag we’ve seen so far.


Moving across to e*thirteen, Silverfish was showing the new pedals which, though expensive, are meant to be longer lasting and more serviceable than your regular flat pedal. They come with a full set of 7mm, 5mm and blanking pins to tune the grip, but the most important bit is the sandwich… This is a pair of durable, yet ultimately sacrificial layers made of a Lexan-like hard plastic (the white bits below) around a core of aluminium. At the end of the season. you can unbolt the scuffed old plates and replace them with shiny new ones. You can also adjust the bearing tension too. Dirt jumpers, for example, might want to tighten the bearings so they don’t spin freely, whereas trail riders will want them frictionless. Price’ll be £119 a pair.


From not behind
The LG1+ pedal!

We’ve already reckoned that 1×10 will be big for this year, but 2×10 with a chainguard will also make a splash. Here’s the e*thirteen TRS+ Dual chain device, which works with 2×10 and has stealth rubber rollers and comes with two replaceable nylon tacos. £129 with two tacos or £89 without taco.


Stealthy black with replaceable tacos

This is the titanium axle and pinned version. They're too scared to work out the price...


Should keep things quiet


Here’s the more involved single ring chain guide with a lower guide too.


A bevvy of SDG saddles. They may be known for DH perches, but they’re going all out in the cyclocross world in the States too now.

 e*thirteen wheels

e*thirteen has also combined the knowledge of the Hive and Chub brands to come out with a selection of wheels. All will feature scandium rims and there will be a full range of 26in and 29in wheels, along with a downhill wheel too.


e*thirteen has finalised its range of wheels.




Super neat, deepish section scandium rim.


Originally known as Chub, the e*thirteen hubs have a carbon centre (not that you can tell) and aluminium flanges. Rims and hubs will be available separately. The beefiest is the LG1 wheelset at 2000g with a 30mm rim and huge Chub hub, with the lightest being the XCX at 1500g with a smaller hub. All will be tubeless compatible, with rimstrip and valve and prices start at £799




Skinny XCX hub – which will come with full 15 or QR axle-swap spares in the box



Formula has updated all of its brakes with better incorporation of the reach and bite adjusters that were add-ons (and looked it) last year. It also has a new brake: the Formula RO. It’s the first bike disc brake to feature an oval piston, which is claimed to better spread the force over the disc surface. It’s certainly very sculpted and neat looking and will cost £249 an end. Intended for the all-mountain and enduro market, they’ll weigh a claimed 361g an end.



Pistons – they’re oval…


The shiny look is in!


Any colour as long as it’s black! Silverfish showed a selection of travels and wheel sizes from Mr Turner, from the 4in Flux to the DH only DHR monster. All feature DW-Link suspension and they’re all made in the States. This might prove interesting this year as the main manufacturer of alloy frames in the States, SAPA is closing its doors due to there not being many people wanting US-made frames… Mr Turner is therefore looking out a replacement maker. We hope this doesn’t delay the, er, interesting other projects he has on the go…



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    Wow – I didn’t know about the Turner manufacturer. Funnily enough I was thinking that the prices of US and Far Eastern frames were getting closer and closer, and that a few manufacturers might swing back. Ah well.

    Seem very nice kit. The e thirteen stuff looks the part, those chub hubs any good UST rims? £700 is a lot………….
    Like turner bikes, interested to see what dave has up his sleeve. Pretty sure it’s not a RFX though.
    Those formula brakes are pure porn.

    The E13 TRS looks like the chain guide I’ve been looking for . Expensive though. Does it come in white?

    The E13 pedals look perfect for trail centre stormtroopers.

    Formula brakes – good when they work, but mine don’t and never been able to sort them myself, or find anyone in my area (Bristol) who can.

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