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Ahh, the maudlin middle of the week. Neither here nor there, stuck in a lunchtime limbo. Don’t despair though, we’ve been trawling the internet to find some inspiring bits of video to keep you going in between snatched commutes, early morning or night rides…

Things have been getting ever bigger and better north of the border. The Scottish scene is producing staggering numbers of talented riders and this new series by Stuz Leel aims to showcase what’s going on. As well as following 19 year old Ronan Taylor on his local trails near Inverness in the Highlands he heads to Fort Bill, arguably the most brutal DH track in Scotland.

Banging soundtrack, some proper tech riding from the gentlemen of Calderdale. It’s got a bit of everything from a fun year of riding bikes. We like the rather amazing speed dismount at 1:10 best. Public Enemy is a good choice – although Calderdale’s current Public Enemy is whoever smashed up Lidl. The buggers.

Watch this video from the 1993 Downhill World Cup at Cap d’Ail and then we dare you to complain about anything to do with mountain biking today – whatever it costs, whatever ‘standards’ are out there, be glad you no longer have to ride anything as terrifying as the bikes from the 1990s. Why didn’t they put their posts down? Why? Thanks to Alex for the vid…

You might remember we posted a video called ‘At The Portal’, shot in New Zealand. The man behind that, Nick Stevenson, has an even bigger project on the go called ‘Trail Notes’, following the four passionate mountainbikers from the Rotorua New Zealand and on the infamous trails of the Whakarewarewa forest. Can we move to New Zealand now?

Cy from Cotic has been working on a new bike for some time now – and here’s a little teaser explaining his thoughts on the design of the new Cotic Rocket. From the fuzzy look in the background it looks like it’s going to be a slack, fun longer travel bike – just the sort of thing that’s fun to ride on pretty much everything…

More new bikes now – Genesis have released their Fortitude 29er, a simple steel hardtail with a 1×10 or Alfine hub setup that’s made for getting out on long adventures. To celebrate, they headed into the wilds of the North Downs for a big old ride…

Steep and technical riding in Germany as Colin Stewart films Max Schumann riding from the summit of the Zugspitze, Germany’s highest peak, down to a cafe for a spot of breakfast. Thanks to Alex Harris for the tip…

This BMX edit will smash your mind to tiny pieces. Drew Bezanson and some of the biggest skatepark transfers we’ve ever seen…

If you’ve seen or made anything you reckon should be up here, then send it to newsdesk@singletrackworld.com and we might pop it up here next week. Big thanks to everyone that sent or suggested stuff this week…


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  1. 1993 DH WC at Cap d’Ail: Bone-shakin’! Scarily narrow bars and nice space suits. 😉

  2. Drew Bezanson modern day ninja!

  3. At least they were riding down a proper mountain bike course, not full of huge man-made jumps and so on.

  4. love that old school vid!

  5. great videos this week, calderdale, ’93 DH and ‘Das Euro Hop” video particually good

  6. Calderdale vid was ace. Proper real world. Must visit Matt again for some Thrutchcore 🙂

  7. Wow, DH world cup, 600mm wide bars and 71deg head angles. We don’t know how lucky we are now!

  8. “This is a mountain, we’re on mountain bikes, let’s shred it down the hill!”


  9. Excellent videos this week guys, really liked the Calderdale one, wish I was half as talented as those riders. Great old school video also, summary was spot on.

  10. The Rotorua vid has got me excited for next year’s move to NZ.

  11. The Zugspitze Vid is amazing! I’d love to have a crack at that Mountain!!!

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