Happy Xmas!

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This is a kind of time travel post – Were not actually here in an office, locked in battle on the forum discussing Konnie Huq or relative benefits of wheel sizes.

No were busy with our friends and family eating turkey or Duck or vomiting or about to have fight with one of our relatives because you know they “cheated” to get that triple word score, (I alway knew uncle Paul was lying B*stard! Hic.) and that’s what you should be doing god damn it it’s what it’s all about.
-it’s going to be a little bit quiet on the site for the next few days, but we’ll see you all in the New Year.

Anyway from all at Singletrack – We Hope that you’re having a fantastic Xmas thanks for your support – keep watching, have a great new year – make your resolutions A) Buy a Singletrack Sub! B) Ride More! A is even easy to do and keep to, but until then….


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  1. We’re baaa-aaack! Well, some of us anyway. Hope everyone had a fine Christmas!

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