Stocking Thrillers Day One (Warning Contains Christmas Content And Good Cheer)

by Matt Letch 6

Yo ho ho! Merry Christmas! We like to help here at Singletrack Magazine – we really do.

This year we decided we’d help with cycling Christmas present dilemmas. Over the next few weeks everyday, we’re going to have three products to show you (no partridges or dancing ladies I’m afraid) to wow and amaze you at every price point. If you want one of the gifts yourself just send the link as a subtle hint to a loved one.

Day One

First up. Warm tootsies From Pearl Izumi (not just good for riding these – they can also stop those cold feet arguments in bed as well. Ahem).

Pearl Izumi Elite Thermal Sock

These socks are toe-tally amazing...

Our popular winter weight sock has been updated with full Merino Wool cushioning for an even warmer plusher sock

. 71% merino wool/28% nylon/ 1% Elasthan (Lycra®)
· E LITE Transfer Merino Wool yarns provide superior moisture transfer
· Strategic cushioning under foot
· Ultra-smooth toe design provides superior comfort
· Anatomic arch compression for a performance fi t
· Tall 215mm cuff height
· UOM 3 per size

Price: £19.99

From: Madison

Now that pizzas are officially vegetables you need something decent to cut them with

Park Tool Pizza Tool

You don't need to "wheel-d" a sharp knife with the Park Tool Pizza cutter.


· What more could you want than pizza after a good day of wrenching or riding?
· An update of one of the all-time greats, the PZT-2 Pizza Tool is bigger (for better hand
position), better (super sharp, large diameter stainless steel cutting wheel cuts through
even the toughest terrain), and stronger!
· Amaze your friends, show off to your in-laws; a bicycle and also a pizza cutter!

Price: £16.99

From: Madison

White Lightning – The Trigger

Don't be a Aerosol! use the Clean streak chain cleaner!

·The Fast and Easy Chain Cleaning System
·The power of Clean Streak plus the scrubbing action of a chain cleaner! Snap onto the chain, backpedal and pull the trigger!
·Clean Streak sprays onto the chain while brushes and scrubbers strip away grease and grunge from the chain
·The Trigger Chain Cleaner kit includes a 12 oz Clean Streak CFC-free aerosol degreaser
·The Trigger is fast and EASY TO USE: just open the package, and you’re ready to go
·Place The Trigger over the chain, and close the lid of the chain cleaner with your trigger (index) finger
·Spray Clean Streak through the chain cleaner and onto the chain while backpedalling for 3 chain revolutions
·Stop spraying, but continue to turn the crank for several more rotations
·You’ll have a clean chain in under 20 seconds!

Price: £19.99

From: Madison

More tomorrow…

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  1. Surely socks with a 215cm cuff height are a bit overkill!!!!

  2. Thigh-high is all the rage 😉

    Unit confusion sorry…

  3. Socks, kitchen and cleaning equipment?! It’s like the time my brother gave his wife a vegetable steamer for her birthday…

  4. Will get back to this once birthdays are over next week. No Christmas until then!

  5. @ steve220j

    I think you get two socks…

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