Thieves hit The Bike Tree in Sheffield

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Bike shop TheBikeTree in Dore, Sheffield suffered a break in in the early hours of Thursday 6th October with some unknown and unwelcome visitors relieving them of around 20 bikes and frames – plus the entire window frame. Here’s what Scott had to say:

“We seem to have lost a window/frame and quite a lot of stock, care of a 4×4 late night ram raiding! Armed with a 4×4 and some anchor chain, the thieves pulled out an entire building window and frame before fleeing with around 20 complete bikes and frames.

Within ten minutes local police were on the scene, alerted by the shop’s GSM alarm system. Unfortunately the thieves had already left – leaving half of the shop front spread over the shop’s car park.

The bikes and frames stolen were a random mix of items nearest the ‘removed’ window, suggesting that the thieves were more opportunistic than selective.

Listed below are details of the stolen items, so if you see any of these around Sheffield or the Peak, pedalled by dodgy looking folk or advertised then please drop the guys at the shop a line on 0114 236 5858 or Plenty of Singletrack readers are from the Sheff/Peak area so hopefully somebody may/might have seen something….

It’s almost business as usual at the tree – with a little extra ventilation – and we are hoping to be restocked soon!

Contents of stolen goods below:


We The People Trust BMX Orange 20-inch – £450 Frame number: HAHTK00619

Premium Solo BMX Matt Seafoam (Turquoise) 20.5-inch – £300 Frame number: P11E1669

Premium Solo Plus BMX Matt Black 21-inch £390 Frame number: PS2W2E0139

Verde Prism BMX Grey & Green 20.5-inch – £416 Frame number: CH050620.5


Mondraker Factor Full Suspension Mountain Bike White Medium 17-inch – £2,000 Frame number: AS1008082

Cube AMS 130 Pro Full Suspension Mountain Bike White, Black, Blue 18-inch – £1,699 Frame number: WOW00707EM1110F


CubeKid 260 Teamline Hardtail Mountain Bike White, Red & Blue 14-inch – £350 Frame number: WOW8695EA0510K

Early Rider Lite Child’s Balance Bike Wooden – £95 Frame number: N/A

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  1. Awful news. Twenty bikes in ten minutes. What can you do that can delay thieves long enough to be caught without turning your shop into something inaccessible to paying customers?

  2. its bad news, alarms are no good as they dont stop the theft, we had to fit ram raid bars in front of the shop, fitted shutters behind the windows (not in front as they can be pulled off). security door, video surveillance and not leaving stuff in the windows.

  3. Just chain every damn thing together. The shop I worked in briefly after my A-Levels put a massive chain lock through every bike on the shop floor on an evening. Want to nick a bike? You’re going to have to drag 30 of them out with you. Assuming you can unbolt the chain from the wall too.

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