Premier Interbike 2011 – Devinci 1st Impressions – UPDATED

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Jon took a Devinci Dixon and an Atlas 29r out for a rider around the desert. Here, for our Premier subscribers are his thoughts on both.

UPDATE: Close up image gallery now added!

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Comments (6)

    I’d like one of those Atlas 29er’s….

    Any UK pricing on the Atlas? Will frame only be an option?

    I’ve ridden those trails Jon should do the boy scout and girl scout together up and down that will help him get a better feel for the climbing traction of the Atlas

    1824.99 for the frame with rp23 acc to haven. Available in December.

    “Nothing like Treks ABP”.It’s almost exactly the same because Trek stole DWs idea but he won the patent. Do you really think you need something slacker for rough terrain? My Dixon’s HA measures 66.5 degrees which is slacker than most other 140-150mm bikes. I don’t know why manufacturers send out demo bikes with long stems and narrow bars though they just won’t work on such an aggressive bike. Hopefully STW will get a UK demo on one with a 50mm stem/750mm bars/DH front tyre I think you would be blown away.

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