Midweek Mini Movies

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Welcome to this week’s selection of video distraction. It’s going to be a mixed bag this week, with all the bike riding action you’d expect and a couple of randoms for good measure…

Gravity Enduro racer and Hotlines marketing manager Martin Astley along with the messianic-looking Pete ‘Jesus’ Scullion take the 2012 Piglet and Blue Pig down to the woods and make them squeal in this four minute long ode to hero dirt. As it happens, we reviewed the Ragley Piglet back in Issue 67 and we had plenty of fun on the slack steel hardcore hardtail.

Back in March Tom Wheeler head out for a fairly normal weekend of downhill racing. One crash later, he’d ripped four nerves from his neck, leaving his right arm paralysed and his world a very different place. In this three part series he’s followed from the crash through his tough times trying to to cope with the mental and physical effects of his injury – and his determination to get back onto his bike…

Part two is here…

Previously we’ve been less than endearing about fixie-tricksters, but we’re liking this vid featuring Steven Jensen. Mostly for the tricycle-tailwhip.

Nowt to do with mountain biking but we know there are plenty of paddlers who like to do a spot of mountain biking and vice versa. This edit was shot at the Whitewater Grand Prix in Quebec and there’s some quite massive white water trickery as well as de-rigeur incredi-slo-motion action shots…

This video invites you to ‘peg the stoke meter’ – which could mean anything. That aside, it take a look at the variety of riding on the Pacific North West of America, taking in a load of riding spots around Oregon. Plenty of dusty BOOOOSH! shots, which should cheer you up if you find the prospect of endless rain is getting you down.

Liam Murphy has been following the ladies of Ana Nichoola riding round London town…


Aeroplanes! This is the story of a WW2 Spitfire that crashed on a beach in France in 1940, was salvaged in 1980 and painstaking restored back to flying condition…

If you’ve seen anything good then drop and email to newsdesk@singletrackworld.com

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  1. Gaaah! No mobile versions of these videos! Booo!

  2. I’m taking two things from todays Mid-week videos…

    1) I’m going back to wearing my full armour jacket when on my DH bikes
    2) Anyone who ghosties or chucks their bike needs it taken from them.

  3. I miss Bristol!!!!!!!

  4. “Anyone who ghosties or chucks their bike needs it taken from them”.


  5. Yes enjoy those Bristol trails while you can, currently being turned into a giant bmx track.

  6. Someone needs to buy that lad a BMX…

  7. It’s not like they tarmacced every “natural” trail in Bristol

  8. the music from the kayak one is used in a BASE jumping video i was shown earlier on this week (via farcebook)

    google* “grinding the crack”… dont worry, sfw, though your IT department may wonder i suppose….

    its ammezin (if very stupid)

    (* other search engines are available)

  9. Being a bit dim….. which one was Bristol Trails????

  10. Stop chucking your bike around +1
    That whitewater stuff, bloody hell that looks hardcore! Want more of that I think…

  11. the ragley vid i think is in Bristol.

    and the trails they have changed in Bristol have changed for the better imho. Momentum sucking holes replaced with flowy bermed fun. and there’s still WAY more natural stuff they haven’t touched.

  12. just watched the ragely and northwest vids again – great stuff!

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