Interbike 2011: Random bits #1

by Chipps 14

Day Two of the Dirt Demo – so far we started with torrential rain today and it’s stayed grey and (actually) chilly all day. However, we still have shot from yesterday’s sunshine to post.
There are many bits and piece that don’t fall into regular categories, so we’ll be posting random selections of them as we find them. So, sit back and enjoy.

What's the collective name for a bunch of Moonlanders? A 'huge' of Moonlanders? A squidge? A wheelbarrow?


Pink headsets! Chris King is serving up coffee and selling off headsets. Win and win!


Here's the cleat on the new Syzr pedal from Speedplay. There's float built into the cleat, which pivots, rather than in the clip mechanism, which should mean less wear.


And here's the Syzr pedal, complete with hard bumpers and looking very Shimano-esque


Litespeeds Cohutta - a 29in trail bike in titanium


There aren't actually many titanium bikes here, so it's good to see the few there are.


The complete Cohutta


How's this for random? We bumped into UK mountain bike legend Dave Hemming! He now lives in Oregon and was on about buying more land there because having 12 miles of trails on his land isn't enough.


The Pivot bus - sweet!

Bion-X Pugsley. This has to be one of our favourite bikes of the show. It's a Surly Pugsley snow/sand bike, but with a Bion-X pedalec motor. Big tyres and assisted propulsion - great idea!


The chunky E-hub doesn't even look that big...


We have a full WTB tyre story to follow, but the new Moto tyre is looking good.



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  1. What shoes are in the Speedplay pic? The replaceable treads look very interesting.

    I’m not sure if I like the new look Litespeed’s…. a part of me likes them but I can’t help feeling a Ti bike should have a more ‘classic’ look

  2. The Syzr pedal has been appearing for years but still hasn’t been released. I really want to give this a go, but I just have a feeling it’s going to be terrible in the mud. Still, you cannot say they haven’t spent time developing it…

  3. Wtb moto tyre looks like an irc missile from 10 yrs ago

  4. Fight fight fight fight.

  5. I reckon the wtb moto looks like an old irc too, not sure which, but I’ve got one somewhere that looks fairly similar to that

  6. Mmmmmhhhh…. The Moto looks suspiciously similar to the WTB Motoraptor that has been around since the last Ice Age. The center knobs are a bit different now, but that’s about it.
    It’s just a revamp of one of their current tyres.

    The IRC you mention should be the Trailbear (that ran with another name that I can not remember now).

  7. “a crater” of moonlanders

  8. I’m a big fan of WTB tyres. Looking forward to hearing what’s new.

  9. a lunacy of moonlanders?

  10. a ‘space oddity’ of moonlanders?

  11. @DanW the shoes look like Sidi Dragons

  12. So, bike of the show so far has fatter tyres and doesn’t require pedaling? You want a KTM.

  13. Dave Hemming the Lemming!!!! Awesome!!

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