Interbike: Thomson – and Moots

by Chipps 14

We popped by the Thomson booth to see what the masters of machining had in store for us and were assaulted by the gleam of… colour! Amid the black and silver, there’s some colour going on at Thomson… Nothing too dramatic (or purple) but blue, red and yellow stem faces and top caps. Don’t worry, regular non-colours of black and silver are still available, though there was also an experimental nickel colour that looked nice.

Might not be your cup of tea, but it will be someone's


Matching top caps too


This stem had experimental shot peening for strengthening (which it didn't), a nickel colour anodising (which they're 50/50 about producing) and it holds a new handlebar prototype

This titanium flat bar is still a ways off production, but it has been testing out super strong and features a full oversized centre section that doesn’t slim or bend until near the controls and grips. It’ll be offered in 3, 6, 9, and 12° bends and it’s currently sitting at 730mm though that may change.


That cylinder has some Ti-etching on it and some other experimental finishes


We don’t see much of Moots in the UK, but there are still a fair number of them out here. This trail 29er caught our eye, with its swoopy tubes and carbon link. Looks interesting.



We like this stem – it was born out of an integrated light mount, but it has been used to mount GoPro cameras too as well.

And this cyclocross fork has ‘pad pockets’ to allow the brake pad to retract enough to remove your wheel easily. Neat and simple.



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  1. Re: the Moots 29er, when you say it looks ‘interesting’, what I think you meant to say is that it looks ‘entirely wrong’. Don’t worry – easy mistake to make.

  2. That Moots is bowfing. Almost as horrible as the half-assed half-coloured Thomsons.

  3. the FS moots is hideous and i presume as flex-tastic as other Ti FS?

  4. Re: shotpeening. This is not for strength. The point is to induce compressive residual stresses in the near surface of the material. These stresses can retard the initiation and/or propogation of cracks, thereby improving fatigue performance. It doesn’t always work although many aluminium alloy handlebars are shotpeened.

  5. moots look ace – beauty is in the eye of the beholder

  6. That Moot’s is a bloody awful looking heap.

  7. I thought that Moots was a thing of loveliness! …same too for the coloured Thomson stuff, especially the thought of the ‘nickel’ colour… mmmmm..

  8. I’ll take two pairs of the thomson ti bars please.

  9. always thought i could make my millions by selling stem face-plates with mount holes on them…. and now i cant

  10. Charlie Caroli for the Moots 29er test review then?….

  11. new Thompson stuff all well and good but how about a QR Seatclamp for Godsake? – waited years for them to make one but still no joy, surely this would be a most welcome addition to their existing range?

  12. Liking the Moots personally ,Love the Gentle sweep of the seatpost and also like how they have done the top tube shock mount.
    Mind I have always liked odd things,hence the wife!

  13. i like all of it.that moots is the dogs danglies!

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