Eurobike: The New Ibis Ripley

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So, Ibis has been open about working on a 29er for a couple of years. It decided to unveil it at Eurobike even though it’s not going to be remotely ready to buy until next year – just in case people thought they were just joking.

The story goes that back in 2008 Ibis was looking to make a super light, short travel 26in race bike as its next frame, but then compared to its 140mm bikes, 100mm seemed a little tame, so it turned its attention into making a 100mm 29er using the same compact design where the DW-Link suspension doesn’t use links… it uses eccentric pivots, running on bushings.


Different, isn't it?


There are two pivots hidden in there...

Target weight for the reincarnated Ripley was for a sub 2kg (4.4lbs) frame. This is literally the first one out of the mould and is in no way a rideable sample, however it gives an idea of how the finished one will look and it’ll let you puzzle a little over how it works – which is essentially just like a regular DW-Link Mojo – only there are no links.

There are also no bearings either – the compactness of the design meant that normal cartridge bearings wouldn’t fit so there’s a special eccentric pivot that runs on Norglide bushings. These are adjustable (by means of two bolts accessed through those two rubber plugged holes) and should be good for around 20,000 hours of riding…

First production bike out of the mould.


Tapered headtube. We're not sure what Ibis is calling this colour - 'English Summer Sky' perhaps?


Those two rubber plugs hide the bushing adjustment bolts.


142mm back end and does that front mech look a little high to you?


It's as stealth from the other side.

If this is blowing your mind too much, there are full details over at

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    Love it. Very elegent.

    Looks like there’s two really different bits. The eccentric bushings and also that pivot location on the top of the swingarm. It appears to be rigidly in line with the shock.
    I’ve never ridden a 29er, but it seems this is all about getting the rear end as short as possible. Is that the holy grail of 29ers?
    I thought most 26ers were getting longer chainstays these days.

    One person’s elegant is another’s gimpy looking mess. Vive la difference.

    I’m not sure about this one either…

    I’m in the ‘clown in a gimp suit’ camp I’m afraid.

    Am I missing something, but how exactly will the non-drive side crank turn?

    Doesn’t look the clearance.

    That will be one for riding on hot, dry sunny days only when there’s not a chance of mud, should sell loads in the UK!
    Can you imagine the wear at those pivots from a weekend in the peaks? thumbs down Ibis

    whats happening with the chainring? is that a 32t middle with the spacers from the 2 ring setup? looks tidy

    Not for me I’m afraid 🙁

    The pivots are sealed and hidden in the frame. I’m sure we’ll be happy to find out how they work in the mud for them… I’ll take some close-up frame (and crank) shots if I get the chance tomorrow.

    The front derailleur is mounted on the swing arm itself. Guess it tracks round the chainring along with the tangent of the chain. Maybe they put a 32T ring on as it’s not quite set up so hit a larger one?

    Chipps – please try and get a video of the rear end being compressed

    And for that reason……I’m out.
    Next on singletracks den…the yeti sb95.

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