Eurobike 2011: The electric future?

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As well as the rise of big wheeled mountain bikes, it’s become obvious from wandering around this year’s show that many think that the future for the non-sport cyclist could lie in the electric bike – and more specifically, pedal assisted electric systems.

Matt and Jon took advantage of the outdoor demo day to take a look at the electric pedal-assist BionX system on the Birdy folding bike. With a bit of help from Nigel Page of the CRC/Nuke Proof team and Mr Will Longden, they prove that it’s the future – for beating people off the line at least…

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Comments (2)

    Oh man… I luuuuurrrrrve the idea of electric-assisted pedal bikes. They’re mental. Quite simply, they would – silently – turn any half-decent cyclist basically into a world TT champion. I’d love to just sit there, tapping out a steady 30mph on one. Just think of the places you could go… Ace! 😀

    pagey is a legend!!!

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