The Best Bits from iceBike* 2023

iceBike* is UK-bike-distributor-behemoth Madison\'s trade show. We popped down the road to Manchester to roundup the best bits.

knog scout alarm

Knog Scout Bike Alarm and Finder

The Knog Scout is an 85 decibel motion detection alarm, coupled to Apple’s “find my” app, which also makes it a tracker. In this product, Knog the Australian company best...

Our Singletrack Staff Pick Of The Pics From 2018

With a smart phone in our pocket pretty much everywhere we go, there\'s rarely a moment that Singletrack staffers don\'t have the option to record for posterity. There\'s more to…

nigel page nukeproof crc chain reaction cycles mega fort william

Fort William 2017: Nigel Page’s Custom Nukeproof Mega 275

Team manager for CRC/Nukeproof, Nigel Page, got chatting to us about the team\'s World Cup preparations, and his very special custom Mega 275

Throwback Thursday – Trails to Rails

With the help of top rider Nigel Page, we take a couple of ‘normal’ cyclists and make cornering heroes out of them There\'s more to this story... BUT IT\'S A…

Nukeproof Mega Medium. AM and TR both go 27.5in for 2014.

These popular trail bikes have been upsized to 27.5in.

Fort William Mountain Festival Bike Night coming up

It\'s Thursday night. It even features our editor

Issue 76 – Learning With Nigel

Premier video from issue 76 - Chipps does downhill. There\'s more to this story... BUT IT\'S A MEMBER-ONLY STORY.JOIN US TO UNLOCK IT AND MORE FOR LESS THAN 6p/DAY If…

Thieves steal Nigel Page’s bike collection

Scummers broke into his Merseyside home yesterday afternoon, taking BMX, MX, road and mountain bikes

Eurobike 2011: The electric future?

As well as the rise of big wheeled mountain bikes, it’s become obvious from wandering around this year’s show that many think that the future for the non-sport cyclist could...

stolen bikes (1)

Nigel Page has seven bikes stolen

CRC/Nukeproof team manager gets seven bikes stolen from garage in Liverpool

Interview with Nigel Page

Marcus Farley catches up with the nicest man in mountain biking; Nigel Page

singletrack classic weekender

New Stuff At Lee Quarry Pt1: Pump Track

It\'s world class fun.

Nigel Page and Ed Oxley Summer Camp

Nigel Page and Ed Oxley (AKA Baldy and Beardy) decamp to the alps


Singletrack TV: Pagey Playtime

We went for a brief but extremely slithery session with Nigel Page yesterday.


Team CRC Intense Unveils Its New Rides…

Custom colour, component matched Intense EVO and Tazer frames. Very tasty bikes there chaps... Nigel Page\'s team riders are just off to their first race in South Africa and their…

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