Eurobike 2011: Charge Bikes

by singletrackjon 5

Jon headed to the fairground ride of joy that is the Charge Bikes stand to discover what’s new for 2012. We were lucky enough to have a good look at their new 29er Cooker a while back, but they’ve now introduced a Titanium Cooker 29er model with tapered headtube to keep it bang up to date.

James also runs us through the revised Duster Ti 26″ bike, which also gains a tapered headtube and has revised tube profiles that Charge say will improve stiffness while also keeping the ride characteristics and the classic Charge look.

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  1. Tange – “Tan-gay”. I’ve always said “Tan-zh”. Anyone else?

    I’ll have the 29er please!

  2. Instead of pointing the camera at the bloke um-ing and -argh-ing, how about focussing on the bike. He can still give us the low down on it in the background.

  3. Bob – agreed. And how about good old fashioned pics?!?!? Video takes ages to view on the smartphone, pics – no probs!

    Come STW, sort it!

  4. I agree with topangarider. I’m in the countryside and broadband isn’t very broad. Especially with the kids at home.

    There ain’t no justice. (= Tanj)

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