Eurobike 2011: Ragley Bikes goes bouncy and big wheeled

by singletrackjon 11

In the first of our Eurobike video updates, we check out what’s new from Ragley for 2012. After we saw the mismatched travel prototype earlier this year we knew big things were afoot from the brand but this is the first time we’ve seen the new Ragley full suspension line in the flesh.

There’s going to be a 160mm front and 130mm rear travel all-mountain bike called the G6 and a 140/100mm travel trail bike called the Ten Four. Both use pretty slack head angles with steep seat angles and have a virtual pivot style suspension setup. For the big wheeled fans, there’s also a 29er version of the trail bike called the Big Ten Four. There’s also going to be an affordable alloy hardtail called the M74 and, although they aren’t present at the show, we’re told that Ti versions of the Blue pig and Piglet are in the pipeline.  Check out the video to see what’s new…

We’ll be back with video updates all through the week, so keep checking back…

Comments (11)

  1. i like the look of them

  2. mmm – nice colours!
    I think they will be really popular. The lines have been tidied up well compared to that test mule we saw before. Very nice indeed.

  3. Very tasty. Especially the ten four. Well thought out.

  4. Any news on the ibis mojo 29er?

  5. thats 4 very tidy looking bikes.

    Id find it sooooo hard to justify a FS 29er, but that one goes to the top of the list if I did.

  6. think these bikes are going to be the orange five killers?

  7. Yeti called, they want their colour back

  8. Would it be better if the cameraman video the bikes more than showing the chap’s face? Couldnt see much of their bikes!

  9. That g6 looks right up my street! Probably won’t be when they reveal the price lol.

  10. If the forks on the bouncy bikes are travel adjustable a la TALAS, they could be some *very* versatile machines… looking forward to a review in that regard.

    M74 looks a perfect ‘second’ bike or for those lucky enough to have a commute that takes in some dirt. Kinda takes the fun out of cobbling one together in some ways though, but those folks still will regardless I guess..

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