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It’s the middle of the week so we’re going to start by transporting you to a mythical place where locals speak in strange riddles and there are magical enchanted forests full of elves and dwarfs. Yes, Canada, land of the ‘brown pow’. Ay.

If you want to know what the hell the ‘brown pow’ is then get watching. ‘From The Inside Out‘ is a new collaboration between the Coastal Crew and Anthill Films and if this is anything to go by it’ll be stunning. Fast riding, sharp edits and slick filming. The full vid should be out sometime around fall. Which means autumn.

More from Canada now, with the results from the Crankworx Deep Summer Photo Challenge. Every year a select group of pro-photographers head to the Crankworx festival at Whistler and have three days to shoot a slide show, which is then shown to a massive crowd of 1,300 industry types and the general public.

This year the top honours were taken by local Robin O’Neill, who followed Ian Ritz, head of local company Chromag and his life for a few days. As well as being incredibly talented, also happens to be the first women to ever take part in the competition.

Third place was taken by our favourite ex-pat Mr Dan Barham who, thanks to his upbringing in the grim North, took a cheery view of the mental wrangling needed to cope with a summer that just isn’t summery.

We’re liking Tim Zimmerman’s similarly grim show too – R.I.P. Summer. Loads of great shots and it made us chuckle quite a bit too…

This is the raddest thing you’ll see all day. Brandon Semenuk shredding everything in sight. It’s proper BMX style on a mountain bike…

Etsy is a website where you can get any and all many of ‘crafted’ things, ranging from a beautifully knitted dissected frog to pillows shaped like whammers, via all sorts of crocheting. This, however, is entirely wool free and really rather cool. A custom car painter has turned his hand to bikes and this is the rather good fake wood grain result…

Here’s Rab Wardell of the Kinesis Morvelo Project escaping the city and heading out to the secret wild spots of Glasgow, which will be host to the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

You’ve probably heard of bass guitar twiddler extraordinare Squarepusher, but this his Korean counterpart, who happens to do a spot of cross dressing too. It’s not that isn’t unsafe for work, more that it’ll blow your mind. If that doesn’t do the trick then the lyrics are here

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