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A life without dreams is a life without hope – and seeing as it’s considered poor form to fall asleep at your desk and drift away on your lunch break, here are some videos to transport you far away from the mundane to some sunny trails of joy in your head.

It’s always nice spotting somewhere you’ve ridden in a video, so this edit of Joyriders Mark and Pete thrashing about through gorges, rocks and so forth made us a bit misty eyed for when we visited last year. There was lots of rain and greyness when we went so it’s good to see they weren’t lying when they said it’s not usually like that.

Ahh, the glamour of the World Cup DH scene: the fame, the money, the… ..caravans? Yup, that’s the reality if you aren’t one of the lucky few to get the full factory circus support. Here’s what life is like for solo slugger Bernard Kerr riding for Pivot Cycles/Bluegrass. It’s not all bad though, you do get to ride your bike a lot…

Nothing to do with mountain bikes, but this short film about Dustin Kott, a Californian who creates his take on British Cafe Racer style motorbikes out of old Japanese bikes, is beautifully shot and shows the work and attention to detail that goes into building a true custom bike.

What’s the best way to celebrate the longest day of British summertime? Riding 116 miles overnight for 22 hours in near constant rain! The Co Durham based OddSox do what they call a ‘Silly Summer Ride’ or ‘SSR’ each year, aptly named because it’s usually a non stop off road ride of around 100-140 miles from a pub at midnight back to Weeksys house. This year they changed it a bit and decided to head back to from Glentress hotel after a slap up breakfast. Looks properly epic…


Anything that kicks off with a Beavis and Butthead quote can’t be bad and this is seven minutes of pure singletrack pleasure from Adam Schlang, who rode an impressive 21,700 vertical meters downhill of “absolutely SWEET trails” over six days. Web-boy Jon was supposed to be there exploring this ‘Destination X’ with TrailAddiction this week but is fact sat in the office, thanks to rain of Biblical scale in the Alps. Boo.

The new Orange Patriot is everywhere – here’s another edit of it being given a thrashing by the gentlemen of Alpine Bikes. It seems to have got everyone quite excited, with ad-man Matt lusting after one already…


Bit of a random here, but here’s the Beastie Boys new video. It’s quite odd and contains quite a lot of action-man based gore if you’re sensitive…

Matt insisted on putting a skate video in so here it is: Andrew Reynolds, OCD neurotic going large. Matthew would happily be mother to his children.

If you’ve seen or made anything you reckon should be up here then email newsdesk@singletrackworld.com

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