Midweek Mini Movies

by singletrackjon 11

Welcome to this week’s Mini Movies. We’ve been away travelling about to various Press Launches but we’re back in the sunny fatherland that is the Valley and normal service will be resumed, so a whole load of biking videos, some random nonsense and the inevitable skateboarding.

Matt has cunningly managed to combine skateboarding and cycling into this one. A group of skateboard pros decide to cycle the North Island of New Zealand – the titular long white cloud – and do a bit of skateboarding along the way. It’s beautifully shot and, although the romance seems to wane for some the riders halfway up the first hill, it’s an inspiring story. There are another four parts to watch if you’ve decided to take an extended lunch…

Some super technical BMX madness in New York as S&M Bikes riders Mike Hoder and co lay down some seriously hard BMX lines to some nice chilled hip-hop…

Back to mountain bikes now with Tony ‘Jedi’ Doyle & Nath playing about at the Herts Shore. Synchronised senders!

It’s the endurance racing season now, with Mountain Mayhem just done with only a small helping of thunder, lightning and rain. Here’s a little taste of what happened from the guys at Planet Fear. If you fancy a bit of 24hr endurance racing action then Sleepless in the Saddle is just around the corner…


More night-time bike riding action with this rather lovely edit of the Singular Cycles team’s experience from last year’s Dusk Til Dawn race at Thetford Forest. Mud, rain, misery and the life affirming highs and lows of endurance racing…

Everyone likes a buttery biscuit base. The Masterchef presenters like buttery biscuit BASS even more though. Quite hypnotic…


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  1. Great vids!
    Lovin’ the Masterchef mix- genius!

  2. Can’t get enough of the ‘Chef vid :]

  3. Mountain Mayhem.

    2’16 in – caption saying headlamps compulsory after 9pm – cue rider with no lights whatsoever. Brilliant!

  4. No Mountains no Mayhem.

  5. All great video’s again, thanks all concerned.
    Simplicity of the idea on the Long White cloud is wonderful. singular at Dusk was another meaningful video. Must look into them for my next purchase…. The NY BMX is very nicely shot, with some great skills. Is next weeks vid collection to include some redneck pikeies and the stolen Fox truck with jumps made out of palletts and 2 x 4!!

  6. Like the singular video alot. Makes me want to do a 12 hr for some reason

  7. Cool vids but, um… Mountain? Mayhem? Surely a misnomer? I saw neither.

    Loved the BMX and Singular stuff…..nicely shot, those Singular bikes are really nice.

    Masterchef……ha ha. Enjoyed that.

  8. Love the Jedi film – he managed to out-gnarr the North Shore guys by doing it in a vest 😉

  9. Quality! And the Masterchef thing is much less annoying than regular Masterchef…

  10. If you like Biscuit Base try the Jeremy Clarkson Beatbox from the same guy.


  11. belugabob, i filmed it one evevning using the go pro for the 1st time. i just guess at the shots as it has no view finder 🙂

    vest for the win

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