Blame The Dog – Our First eBook

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Mike Ferrentino has done everything in the bike industry from spanner in a workshop to editing one of the World’s most popular bike mags. He’s now working for Santa Cruz Bikes in the marketing department (Marketing being one of his most popular subjects on which to rant) and since 2007 he’s been the regular US based columnist for the award winning Singletrack Mountain Bike Magazine. This ebook is our complete collection of Mike’s published columns from 2007 to 2009.

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Comments (9)

    I can’t get the andriod version to work on mine (htc wildfire + amazon kindle app) at download the phone tells me the format is incompatible, tried downloading it anyway and can’t even find it in the phone let alone read it… -any tips?

    Which file are you trying to download? If you have the Kindle App on your phone the .prc file should be the one that works.

    Works fine on my Asus Eee pad Transformer (Android Honeycomb) – It inserted itself into my library – thanks

    I know he is an industry apologist and I know that kinda winds me up
    the man writes well
    keep it coming

    If you haven’t yet swallowed the marketing hype about the need for for a kindle or smartphone – maybe I’m the only one?! Amazon have a free download to read kindle files on a pc, that works fine.

    puncturo – you’re not. I wouldn’t go near one of the things.

    Luckily for you guys we are still printing the mag on papery stuff 🙂

    Loving the collected works of Ferrentino. Thanks chaps! 🙂

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