Shimano Singletrack Classic Weekender – The Downhill Video

by Ben Haworth 10

Much like how the Trials round of the Classic Weekender sounds a lot more daunting than it really is, so too it can be with the Downhill course. But there’s nothing to scared of. Having said that, good riders will have a blast!

This year we’re not going to give too much away about the exact location of Downhill course as we don’t want people pre-riding it as it needs a bit of work at the mo. Suffice to say it’s going to be of a similar style to last year’s course, with lots of line options throughout (faster but harder lines and easier but slower lines basically).

Riders of all abilities will be able to get from the start gate to the finish line without getting off. Skilled riders will be rewarded by taking the trickier lines. Less confident riders won’t be crashing or carrying their bikes down anything. All riders will have fun.

To give you an idea of the type of stuff that the Downhill will involve check out these videos of last year’s course (courtesy of Ed “Great Rock” Oxley and Brant “Ragley Bikes” Richards)…

The Singletrack Classic Weekender takes racing back to the old school, combining a downhill race, trials competition and a cross country race all on the same weekend – and all on the same bike.

It’s not all about the racing though – the main aim is to have a fun weekend with like minded people. To that end we’ve got demo bikes, evening entertainment, communal camping and much more.

It’s all happening on the 9-10th July, Lee Quarry, Lancashire so get your..

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…to take part in the event that’s much more than being the best all-round biker.

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  1. Will people be able to do practice runs at the actual event?

  2. Yep. 10:00 – 12:00pm DH course available for practice.

    It might be open earlier and might go on a bit longer but it’ll be 2hrs of practice at the very least.

  3. i wonder if we’ve spotted any of your new course with some of the lines we noticed whilst scouting out stuff for the brownbacks races?!

  4. You may have. Although we haven’t really decided on any of the lines or locations for definite yet! ;]

  5. 2 minutes 20… that’s about quarter of a hour for anyone that’s not Rowan Sorrel then 😛

  6. How long is the XC race?

  7. The lap is 4-5km long. The lap takes the quick riders about 15-20 minutes to do. The XC race lasts until the first person completes 4 laps (aka The Weekender Winner), then everyone else just finishes the lap that they’re on.

  8. Skills/easy routes good shout, any idea sort of time penalty the easy route is? just wondering. I have been at events where the chicken route was faster than the hard route (!)

  9. We shall do our best to make the more difficult lines quicker, don’t want to force people on to something they are not happy doing but want to reward good riding. Many of the sections last year all levels of rider managed to tackle just at different speeds. Take a practice run down in the morning and pick your line.

  10. Why not put some drops in on the skills line? I couldn’t tell the difference between the two lines…

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