New Orange Patriot?

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While Jon was up at the iXS MacAvalanche he spotted a rather new looking Orange – in fact there were a couple of them kicking about, including the bike rider Joe Barnes won the event on.

The new Patriot?

It’s stickered up as a Strange so it’s obviously not a production bike and Orange are keeping schtum on when or if it’ll be put into production.

180mm travel at either round and a 1.5" headtube

All the bikes we saw had Fox 180mm single crown 36 forks up front and so we imagine there’s a matching 180mm at the back, the example we saw having a high volume Fox air shock. That’d place it firmly where the much missed Patriot sat, somewhere between the full-on downhill biased 224 (and the new 322 downhill prototype) and the lighter, more pedal-able Alpine 160.

Maxle back end but looks like a 135mm hub rather than 150mm

Angles (from the patented eyeball-angleometer) look decently slack – we’re guessing around 66° on the front with a full 1.5″ headtube. The shock-shuttle/angle adjuster of the last production Patriot is gone – presumably to save weight – and the back end uses a 135x12mm Maxle through axle.

A couple of years back we spotted THIS linkage driven Patriot prototype, but this line of development seems to have come to an end and they’re sticking with their tried and tested single pivot design.

[premiervideo src=”extras/media/2011/05/StrangePatriot.m4v” widescreen=”true”]

It’s probably going to be spot on for people that do a bit of downhilling but also want something they can winch to the top if needs be. According to totally unfounded gossip Joe Barnes (being a bit smaller than the likes of Ben Cathro et al) has been running his with Fox 40s in downhill races too, the smaller bike being a bit easier to throw about.

It’s all conjecture at the moment, but with the sheer number of Orange Patriots still out on the trails it’d be a shame if it was the last we’d heard of the name…

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