Exploding Camelbak Bladders

by singletrackjon 11

No, it’s not a product recall – during his recent visit to the Camelbak factory Chipps asked the test lab guys to demonstrate just how tough their bladders are* with a bit of compressed air. Especially for our Premier Users, here’s the video. Safe to say you’ll struggle to kill one by putting too much juice into it…

[premiervideo src=”extras/media/2011/05/Camelbak.m4v” widescreen=”true”]

*and because blowing stuff up is curiously satisfying.

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  1. Love that final comment “Blowing sh1t up”

    He just needed to follow with the usual chant of USA.. USA.. USA.. USA.. to make it seem more vibrant

  2. I’ll be able to sleep soundly tonight knowing I can put 200 psi into my camelback and it’ll be OK. Thanks lab guys.

  3. Was that guy Chipps’ twin?

  4. Team Camelbak F*?K YEAH!

  5. Mine leaks, and I’ve never put 200psi in it.

  6. You would never get 200 psi in mine the cap leaks like a good un

    Maybe time for a new bladder

  7. So, no need to worry about excess pressure caused by filling it up with lager and going for a bumpy ride then!

  8. blowing stuff up is cool – huh – huh……!!

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