The Good Mountain Biking Guide England & Wales

by Matt Letch 2

Here’s a little press release from the publishers The Good Mountain Bike Guide and if you get yourself a copy of issue 65 (available any day now) there’s an advert where you can also get a discount on this book direct from the publishers.

The Good Mountain Biking Guide is a comprehensive handbook comprising 640 pages of tightly packed information, covering every area that has access to great mountain bike trails.
The Good Mountain Biking Guide has a wealth of detailed information as well as purpose drawn maps of 400 natural areas and 100 Trail Centres throughout England & Wales. All major destinations are covered: The Peak District, Lake District,
Yorkshire Dales, North & South Downs, Brecon Beacons together with numerous smaller areas, many close to major towns and cities.
The Good Mountain Biking Guide will help you to plan all your riding – from quick blasts after work, to a full day ride, mountain biking weekend or holiday wherever you are in England and Wales.
The Good Mountain Biking Guide features 700 route suggestions for the 500 areas that it covers; making it incredible value for money. There are 400 superb photographs of real riders on the trails as well as annotations of key trail features and route summaries giving a total of 17,000km of riding. There is something for everyone; whatever your level; whether you are a cross country lover, downhill fanatic or trail centre junkie.
An overview map of key mountain biking locations allows planning at a glance whilst each of the 500 areas has details of all useful facilities – from parking to pubs, cafes and bike shops. The Good Mountain Biking Guide complements other maps and guides and refers to the most appropriate resources to take out on the trail for navigational purposes.
The Good Mountain Biking Guide is the ultimate reference book and is the one book that every mountain biker should own.

It’s a great book for planning trips, and looking at the area were based in (Calderdale) it seems pretty spot on in it’s descriptions – It’s not a blow by blow “turn left at crooked gate ‘ type guide book , more of an overview of an area with a host of useful information in terms of parking, eating, public transport and how to get their, even bike shops if you snap something.It has a few suggested routes but also further reading if your looking for more in depth route- guides. It’s the kind of thing we imagine would be great to pour over on a winters night planning trips for the next summer, or in your dashboard pocket when you’re looking for that parking space or bike shop.

If you can’t wait to get one they’re available here from our own lovely shop.

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