Sea Otter: Random Roundup #2

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Here’s another random selection of products for you from the pits of the Sea Otter…

We’ll start a little offbeat with some disc-brake cyclocross action courtesy of TRP who has an under-stem mounted gizmo that turns your cable pulls into hydraulic action. Now that the UCI has relaxed the rules about discs in cross racing, perhaps we’ll start to see more. Good for road touring too…

Cross bikes with discs? They're coming...


Tiny and neat TRP hydraulic


Brake cables feed in the front and pull little hydraulic actuators which then work the brakes.


It's Tinker Juarez! (and another guy...)


A Spot Brand, belt-drive singlespeed (or is that a Rohloff?) with a Maverick fork. Niche!


Spot was showing some lovely town bikes. This one has the first post-mount carbon fork available, plus Alfine and a Gates belt drive.


The new Centre-Track Gates belt rings. Lighter and harder wearing than the old system, plus you don't need to run crippling tension.


What bike is this? It's the newly updated Santa Cruz Blur XC Carbon with flared head tube.



It's like the old one, only bigger.


Regular rear QR still


...and clamp on front mech with threaded BB. So just the new head tube for this model in terms of changes.


Gamut is working on some new things, but for the moment, all they could show me that was new was... chainring bolts. Their secret stuff better be good, eh?



More on this in a bit, but yes, it's a Ritchey, steel, 29er. They're going to be TIG welded in production (this one was made by Tom) and they're going to be for sale soon.


You won't get lost in this one.


Spotted in Crank Bros' bike rack was this one. It's the first production Charge Bikes Ti Cooker 29er.


More big wheel fun from Intense. More on them later too


Emily Batty's Trek Top Fuel


MRP chainguide/bash. Currently being tested with a carbon backplate.


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