Singletrack Issue 65 – Pass Storming in the Lakes

by Matt Letch 13

Last Month Benji, Matt and the Hairy One spent a long day in the lakes climbing four passes.

Anyway here are TWO videos from the day (to be fair they’re quite similar but there’s been a lot of debate about music choices for this one.)

Option one: with white angst.
[premiervideo widescreen=”true” src=”extras/media/2011/04/Passstormers.m4v”]

Option two: With black Soul
[premiervideo widescreen=”true” src=”extras/media/2011/04/Passstormers2.m4v”]

If you’d like to see these videos or buy the magazine go here to feel the love.

Comments (13)

  1. option 1 unless one of you saw the light.

  2. We spent most of the day climbing towards the light.

  3. At least there was light….Epic ride!

  4. Option 2 for sure….. where abouts is the trail at 1:30? Looking for another mountain day soon.

  5. Option 2, on the grounds that it’s not some horrible repetitive dirge.

  6. Even though I hate Morrisey’s sound, his tune seems to be a better fit with the video.

  7. I can’t see the vids, is it ‘cos I’m abroad?

  8. Option one: T.U.N.E.! – There should be more Morrisey / Smiths in MTB vids……

  9. Are you a premier user Doug? If not mail me

    Glad you like the music guys – I’m not into the smiths really ( well I was briefly in my teens when I thought it made me interesting to certain types of girls) But that mandolin bit kept looping in my head when I was riding at the weekend… And there you are ;]


  10. Locations?

    First looks like its round the back of Honister down to Buttermere way

  11. Premier user here, (in France) can’t see vids…………

  12. Duntstick -we’ll look into it for you. Send us a screen grab if you can .



  13. Very timely; thanks. Doing the Warnscale/Scarth Gap/Black Sail bits as part of a Lakeland loop – might make a whole day of it now!

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