Mountain Biking in Scotland Hits Sky TV

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Ooh! Mountain bikes on the telly! Okay, you’ll need a Murdoch-dish to be able to see it but Sky Sports have launched their new series, Cycle Sports World, with a two part documentary following Steve Peat, Danny MacAskill and Hans Rey on their ‘Three Legends’ trip around Torridon and Skye with Scottish mountain bike holiday company, Highlands and Islands Adventures.

They’ve sent us some exclusive video interviews with Steve Peat, Danny MacAskill and Hans Rey during their epic mountain bike adventure in Scotland, mountain biking the best trails and enjoying the finest whisky that the west coast of Scotland has to offer.

Episode One

Episode Two

If you want to follow in the tracks of these three mountain bike legends and book your own mountain bike holiday in Scotland contact Highlands and Islands Adventures or visit their website HERE.

For further information on Cycle Sports World viewing times have a look HERE.

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  1. That will be us next week…

  2. Man that was very nice ! I live in The Philippines and to see the vast expanse of Scottish Highland makes me want to get on my bike and cycle all the way there ! I guess what didn’t come across were the midges and biting cold but hey, Manila may be 32 degrees and rising but every now and then I crave a chill. Hats off to three of the finest mountain bikers on the scene right now !

  3. Brilliant little film , 3 legends loving what they do .

  4. Interesting stuff from Sky TV! It’s what bit torrent was made for.

  5. Very very nice. Makes me wanna go to Scotland now!

  6. Very nice, I love the way that professional riders make everything look so effortless. Seems like it will be a good show.

  7. Reminds me of the old school mtb videos like Dirt and Chainspotting. No crazy drops or jumps, just good old fun riding!

  8. Did that descent yesterday, although not as fast as the video! The big loop from Torridon really is as good as the hype, and that final down into annat just goes on and on, brilliant!

  9. Why don’t you all go out and buy Find, sure most of what’s gonna be shown is on there!

  10. we did torridan loop last year , was sweet all way round

  11. Just watched in my lunch break and want to go out for a ride NOW! But gotta get back to work… Really liked that. I’ll watch again tonight but in HD on main TV.

  12. Damn, first time i have actually wanted Sky Sports….you could always be safe in the knowledge there would be no cycling on TV

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