Video: Hammoon Longhorn review

by singletrackjon 8

We first heard of Hammoon Cycles last year, when we interviewed founder and builder Will. They’re a tiny company, operating from a workshop in deepest darkest Dorset, handbuilding some beautifully detailed, custom steel frames. We were sent their Longhorn trail/hardcore hardtail a while back and Matt’s just finished testing it. You can read the full review and his verdict in the Reviews section of the site but we thought we’d share his test video to you all…

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  1. Not visible on an iPad. Is there a video format that wouldn’t exclude Apple users?

  2. What is he wearing? Don’t you have the fashion police in your neck of the woods?

  3. spw3 – we’re working on the iPad compatibility with videos on the site. In the meantime, try heading straight to Vimeo..

    ..where it should work on all sorts of iDevices…

  4. Cheers John.

    Actually even Mrs spw3 quite looks forward to MidWeek Mini Movies but it would be nice if we didn’t have to get off the sofa – lazytastic!

  5. That shirt is still awesome. Scott?

  6. Those welds look shit.

  7. Nice frame but way toooo expensive.

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