Midweek Mini Movies

by singletrackjon 12

Line up the cup of tea, lay out your biscuits and prepare to freak out your work colleagues as you do the involuntary bike riding twitch thing while watching this week’s selection. To kick off, we’re going to take you to a beautiful, magical land, far far away, where the sea is crystal blue, the mountains have been drawn by toddlers and are filled with hobbits loads of mint riding. It can only be New Zealand…

A bit more downtempo now, with the man behind Black Cat bicycles on his journey to the North American Handmade Bike show. If you missed Dr Jon’s coverage of the show then clicky here and here

“Mad Max becomes a pawn in a decadent oasis of technological society” – oh no, hang on, that’s THIS video. This one is the Masters Of Dirt in Vienna and is absolutely nothing like a fight to the death in the Thunderdome. Fire, smoke, petrol, more airtime than downtime, flips, whips and a snowmobile. Indoors.

A nice bit of urban downhilling with some huuuuge gaps and some slightly odd trail obstacles, namely animals. It’s the VCA race in Chile…

You’ll just have to tolerate the slow start on this one, it’s worth it for when the riding kicks off properly. Andreu Lacondeguy sends it, hard.

Here’s the third part of Marco Toniolo’s The Line. In this episode “Dennis Switch rides in the night and meets a strange guy. The day after he has to escape from somebody who should be dead. Let the delirium begin!” It’s starting to get like Lost or something – plenty of good riding though…

Doug at Basque MTB has been making us feel the terrible grip of envy again. He’s headed up to The Crosses, a local mountain, a mere 1,100m high, to ride back down a 10km descent. It’s a pilgrimage to riding rocks. In sunshine. In March. Doug and Ed ‘ooh, look at his hairy face’ Oxley are doing a skills trip in these parts soon – more on that here.

That’s all for this week – if you missed the BUCS 2011 student video (which is probably going to go viral shortly) then we suggest you watch that over and over again – but if you have seen anything you reckon should be up here then fire it over to newsdesk@singletrackworld.com..

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  1. Does anyone know about the tradition behind the square metal hoop on the cross at the beginning of the Basque vid?

  2. Lifer, it’s a pilgrimage route up there, hence the crosses. The passing of the hoops over the body is meant to symbolise a cleansing and bring good luck. There’s a series of hoops of different sizes, some people say you are meant to pass them all over and move them from one arm of the cross to the other, some of them are just a bit too small for me though 🙂

  3. sweet jebus, Chile, I need a lay down in a dark room with a glass of water now! pin stripe suit was a nice touch!

  4. Love the Vid Doug… great work.

  5. Is that lake Taupo at the beginning of the NZ video? If so that’s a might long drive 🙂

  6. Best vid Doug. But I think you left your rucksack at the summit 😉

  7. Ah cool, nice touch including that in the vid.

  8. no its lake wakitipu. just outside QT. skyline takes bikes now, and they start from ben lomondthey go down wynyards. theres a bit at 5 mile..

  9. Thanks for the comments guys. I got the rucksack 😉 but I did loose my goggles somewhere! No great hardship to go back and have a look though!

  10. Doug, smashing vid. No great hardship on losing goggles though, not with a peepot son

  11. loving the urban DH-
    cool you can hear the rider shouting ‘out the way dog’, and when he has a chuckle after dropping into the big crowd area!

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