Original Source Mountain Mayhem Forms Are Out!

by Chipps 4

A quick update (as of Tuesday lunchtime) – we’ve just had Pat Adams on the phone who’s not been to bed yet. The first entry form was handed to him in person at 12.20am and there’s been a steady stream of personal visitors keen to make the Beaujolais-Nouveau style rush to Pat’s door. He reckons that he’s had over 90 teams enter already. And that’s before the post arrives tomorrow… If you’re thinking of entering the biggest event of the year, we’d strongly suggest getting your entry in the post today First Class Recorded as Mayhem ALWAYS sells out and this year looks like being no different.

Pat’s off for a sleep now, so don’t be surprised if he’s not there if you knock on the door this afternoon, but you’re still welcome to put entries through the letterbox…



It’s that time again… As of… (looks at watch…) NOW! the entry forms are out!
This year will be the 14th Mountain Mayhem and it still remains the biggest and best 24 hour event in the UK, and the only one that can claim to be the ‘Glastonbury of mountain biking’

Click below to download your form:




The queue waiting to get entry forms, yesterday...

There’s a brand new Mountain Mayhem website to see too – including a countdown timer showing just how little time you have to start getting fit for the biggest event of the summer.
That’s here: www.osmountainmayhem.co.ukk/

Don’t delay in getting your entry form filled in – we know from past experience that it usually sells out within a week of entries going out. You might not feel like racing a 24hour now, but once the long evenings roll around and the trails dry out, you’re going to be glad you made the effort now and got your entry in – as you lounge trackside, cooking the bacon and tormenting the solo riders at 8am…

Talking of time too, this year, for the first time ever, Mountain Mayhem will start at NOON. This means (in a way…) that it’ll be over quicker and you’ll have more of Sunday to get packed up and head home (or to get even more food on the barbecue and stay over)

Super-keen people (and there are many) can get a headstart on the rest of the field by hand-delivering entries to:

Vein Cottage
Reapsmoor Nr Longnor
Buxton Derbs
SK17 0LG

…who is up now, waiting for you and who promises to have the coffee on all through the night… The rest of you, don’t delay in getting your entry in as your teammates are counting on you.

As always, we’ll see you there! Now, we’re off to get some lights charged up…

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  1. Is it just me or are others having problems printing the application form?

    There is an image in the background which obscures all the detail information when I print it out….

  2. Do you need to send a SAE?

  3. no you dont need a sae, you can download the rule book as a pdf this year.

  4. Unfortunately though on the entry form it does say include a SAO.

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