Video: Chris Akrigg and a Hill In Spain

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Chris Akrigg has done it again – another jaw droppingly mental bit of technical trials/downhill riding on video. He’s off the brake-less trials bike and fixie and it’s back on a bouncy bike to pin it down a large hill in Spain.

Shot by respected snapper Victor Lucas, who’s gone to the dark side of moving pictures, the Mongoose sponsored rider is once again doing his own brand of high-speed, highly technical mountain biking. Massive views and mad riding – the quarry section is well worth waiting for…


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    The ‘Hill’ is near to a large city called Calpe which is on the coast. Just up from Benidorm.

    Truly lovely area!

    I hope Mongoose pay him a lot of money – he’s worth it!
    Great video. I’ll watch that a few times.

    Almost as good an editor as he is a rider!

    My Dad lives in Calpe, might have to go at the hill next time i’m over

    Is it just me or is he as good to watch as madskills, if not better? Why no ads, redbull money or break-out fame?

    Picks up jaw off the computer…..
    Unbelievbly good, thought it had reached its peak at the quarry section then theres the riding through the town bit.

    Totally agree best vid ive seen in a long time , insane

    yup.. he can pretty much ride over anything..!

    like the street stuff, especilly the guy pushing a dump truck up the street.. ;o)

    Aaah.. my local trails.

    The man can ride!

    I’m sure it’s good but! Can’t watch it on the IPad

    Wow, mad skills! I swear i I tried 0.1% of that I’d die! Nuff respect.

    I know now how Preston feels when he watches Suggs.
    Non comprende

    Wonder how many trips to the hospital it takes to get that good, did see him dab though 😉 Gonna watch it again straight away.

    Can watch it on the iPad over at

    yeah, he dabbed. what a loser!!!!1

    He still has some way to go yet as he puts his foot down @ 2.57 ; )


    don’t know why but Akrigg’s stuff always seems more exciting than MacAskill imho, just seems to have more flow and hit stuff harder (again, imo)

    Not usually a big fan of “trials skills” vids but this film shows them being put to great use on big mountain riding.

    love to see him ride the “calderdale tech” that so many of us here think of as “holy crap” type riding; I’m sure it would sensational to see what he could come up with…

    Stairs of Doom? Some crazy manual to endo, bunny hop spinny flippy thing at warp speed more like…

    langy, he does in one of his earlier videos.

    Well filmed and edited….the bloke on the bike is quite good too. I would love to know how many wheels and chainrings were sacrificed for that vid though …lol

    Akriggs vids just get better and better! Love it.
    I think the reason he doesn’t achieve “break-out fame” (as someone put it above) is that he doesn’t do show-boating tricks like backflips etc which Joe Public loves, but other riders are not particularly impressed by. Akrigg is a real riders rider.

    Calderdale trails are the 5th one down one this site
    (called Teocali.0)

    Lovely video, too.

    has to be one of the best all-round bicyclists out there!

    Another awesome vid from the man.
    His tight switchback method is so much more fun looking than the gaye-euro-front-wheel-endo technique.

    Would love to know which hill in Calpé that is

    clearing the steps in one go @4:41 – utterly mental!

    Sir Chris Akrigg……
    why doesn’t my bike do that?
    Great editing!

    Very good video, some super smooth riding in that.

    what bikes he riding doesnt look like a current mongoose ?

    I’d like to know more about these ‘hill’ bits above Calpe, we were there last October visiting the parents. We asked around and in local bike shops and found nothing much of merit, certainly nothing that someone would travel to, specifically to ride.

    If it is in the Calpe area, it must be around Guadalest. watching it again, there is a resevoir/lake visible, the only res/lake around Calpe is at Guadalest.

    Its a 2011 Mongoose Nugget.
    Not available in UK

    Some of it is above Mijas.

    Great riding – bad socks!

    its all down to his socks.

    Great video. Nice to see how hard he runs his forks 😉

    It’d also be interesting to see how a pro DHer would attack those lines – prob harder, sketchier and quicker…?

    Great riding – great socks!

    lovely – that made me smile a lot 🙂

    truly awesome

    is it me or our (i.e. brit) mountain biking videos way more interesting than anything the yanks/flappy heads are doing at the moment?

    It’s definitely around Mijas except the bit around the lake, this could be El Chorro but I’m not sure

    This guy copies all my best moves. Honestly I wish I had 1% of his skill and botle.

    “Is it just me or is he as good to watch as madskills, if not better? Why no ads, redbull money or break-out fame?”

    Much prefer watching Chris Akrigg myself. I think it’s the pace he rides at that’s so impressive. Absolutely loved that

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