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Singletrack 10th Anniversary T Shirt

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Will make you more attractive.

We said we were going to leave off the shameless self promotion but we lied. Here’s our rather nice heavyweight Gildan cotton T in a lush red with our special 10th logo on the front and ‘Singletrack’ across the back.

Price: £10 (bargain, innit?)

From: Singletrack Shop

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We’re also doing a ‘half-price-T-with-subscription’ deal too. Just saying…

Geoff Waugh Postcard

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Taken at the Orange factory...

Snapper Geoff Waugh has send out some of these rather nice postcards using a pic taken from a shoot at the Orange Bikes factory.

Royal Racing Esquire Short

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Best worn on their own.

The next issue of the mag is going to have an extra big grouptest of baggy shorts. The Esquire shorts are Royal’s top trail riding short. they’ve got a detachable, padded liner short and the outers are four-way stretch polyester. Round the back there’s a spandex stretch panel and you get velcro waist cinches and plenty of mesh ventilation. We’ve liked a lot of the Royal Racing kit so it’ll be interesting to see how these get on…

Price: £84.99

From: Decade Europe

Royal Racing Signature Glove

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Nice pattern...

With 0.5mm thin honeycomb Clarino synthetic leather on the palm, the Signature is designed for maximum feel. The stretch mech backing should be cool in summer and they use a pull on design. There are silicon grippers on the fingers too…

Price: £23.99

From: Decade Europe

Dakine Mode Ladies short

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Dakine Mode Ladies short

Our shorts grouptest is also going to have plenty for the ladies in it too. The Dakine Mode shorts are made from 400 Dernier nylon with a mesh polyester liner. They’re got a gusseted crotch for free motion, zippered inner leg vents, a nice loose cut with and waist tab adjusters – as well as being a lovely shade of purple.

Price: £69.99

From: Surf Sales

iXS Liwei Laidback shorts

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iXS Liwei Laidback ladies shorts

The Liwei Laidback shorts are made from a quick drying, breathable and water repellant fabric, using a drawstring closure along with belt loops. The fit is baggy and you can get them in yellow if white and purple doesn’t float your boat.

Price: £49.99

From: Hotlines UK

Polaris Angel Baggy shorts


new mountain bike kit fresh goods singletrack (21)
Polaris Angel Baggy shorts

These Polaris shorts have a tough nylon outer with seamless stretch panels on the back and legs. They’ve also got a pink mesh lined waistband hidden away in the elasticated waist. There are two zipped pockets on the front too..

Price: £49.99

From: Polaris Apparel

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  1. Where’s the bling? Most disapointing fresh goods for a while.

  2. Seriously lame… they could have shown the rest of the girl modeling.

    I’ll have to make room between my Campy cork screw and Park pizza slicer for the CK bit.

  3. are you 10 this month by any chance?
    My sub runs out soon, bet it was last month and I’ll miss out on a word free gatefold cover 🙁

  4. 0/10 poor effort

    must try harder next Friday !

  5. I keep telling you – you should get some lasers in and showcase them on a Friday to keep this lot happy.

  6. There are only so many insanely expensive bits of biking bling we can fit in the magazine and website in a month – you’ve been spoilt too much…

    …as have we.

  7. Oh, page 2….durrrr

  8. is that title blocked with gold foil or poor mans version printed with gold ink ???

  9. 100% genuine gold foil.

  10. That nice trim midriff poking out of hte top of the Dakine shorts was bling enough for me………..

  11. Never will understand how they come up with the price of £149 for a bike work stand. Heck its hard to find one for less £100, all they are is five bits of tube and some clamps.

  12. @MostlyBalanced – couldn’t agree more!

  13. Aren’t bike shop editions still banner free covers as per the subs mags or has that now gone.

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