New Magura MT Brakes

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They’ve been some time coming and, despite a sneak preview HERE,  we’ve finally got full details and prices for Magura’s new MT (Mission Technology) series of brakes. While their series of Mission Performance videos confused us a lot, the end result is what Magura claim as their lightest and strongest brake ever.

MT8 lever is full carbon fibre - looks neat...

Using Magura’s specialization in injection moulding, they’ve made an all new, integrated lever body using their ‘Carboflow’ technology – basically thermoplastic reinforced with short to medium carbon fibres – and an all new ‘Carbolay’ carbon fibre lever blade on the top models. You can see Chipps and Matt experiencing the lever development at last years’ Eurobike HERE.

The lever units are now also flippable between left and right, come with split clamps for easy removal and you can fit them to your trigger shifters or a new Magura remote lever using the two optional “Shiftmix” and “Remotemix” clamps. Bolts have been standardised with T25 heads, so you’ll only need the one Torx key.

The forged one piece calliper is an evolution of their old designs, which have always worked well for us. Pads drop in easily from the top, the top three models get rotating hose banjos and they continue to use their Storm and Storm SL rotors, available in sizes from 140mm to 200mm. Magura say newly developed sealing rings and a modified piston design should ensure that  the pistons always return to their original position and do not grind on the disk even when operated in temperatures below zero or extremely muddy conditions. As ever, they use Magura’s mineral ‘Royal Blood’ instead of corrosive and water attracting DOT fluid and come with a five year leakproof warranty.

MT8 calliper is a one piece, forged aluminium design

There are four brakes in the range, the top MT8 using a full carbonfibre lever, body and clamp with aluminium bolts and a heavily machined calliper to keep everything light. It’ll cost £299 per end and weighs 279g with a 160mm rotor.

The MT6 is the same except for the lack of Carbolay lever and alloy clamp and comes in at £199 per end. Moving down, the MT4 is a very reasonable £139 and the basic entry MT2 brake keeps the Carbotecture lever body but has a cheaper two-piece calliper and will be £99.

They’ll be available from the middle of April onwards, starting with the MT8. We can’t wait to get our hands on some…


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  1. Hmm, black product photographed on a black background. Not too clever!

  2. Now, these are proper brakes. I’ve no need for them, but, by my various gods, I do so want them…

    Any ideas what the intended use and/or how ‘powerful’ they are? Comparable to Louise FR…?

    MT2 looks to be amazingly good VFM.

  3. Good on Magura for making shifter mounts on these too.

  4. Magura tested these on a load of bikes from XC race kit, freeride and DH rigs, so they probably fit into the up-and-over-all-mountain category. I think.

  5. Look nice, like the black on black photography, very sexy

  6. Strange name, in English it sounds like they’re calling them Magura Empties?

  7. the look very nice but I am not sure about the idea of using a Torx key to remove the pads. Yet another tool to have on the trail.

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