NEW Ltd Edition Turner DHR Frames Arrive At Silverfish

by Matt Letch 14

OK .In a blatant ‘we love the colour of this Turner’ we thought we’d run this press release from Pete Drew at Silverfish.

NEW Ltd Edition Turner DHR frames arrive at Silverfish

Silverfish UK is pleased to announce that stock of the all new DW-Link equipped Turner DHR has landed in Cornwall. This delivery contained not only frames in the stock colours of Lime Green, Raw and Ano Black but also a very small batch of Limited Edition DHR frames in Neon Yellow, Semi-Gloss Black and Gloss White as well. These frames are strictly Limited Edition, look incredible and are very low numbers, there is also no extra charge over the standard powder coated frames for these unique little beauties.

The all new Turner DHR is a DH race frame aimed at beating the clock and winning back those vital seconds when you are out on course. In downhill racing you only have a few minutes to make your day and the DHR was created to help you do just that. The new DHR has been designed from the ground up by David Turner and Dave Weagle, features the World Cup Winning DW-Link suspension system and geometry that draws on 10 years of DHR design excellence. 210mm of patented ‘anti-squat’ rear travel is controlled by a FOX RC4 shock and linked to a 1.5” low-stack headtube at the front end and a 12x150mm rear axle at the back.

Available in S,M,L and XL sizes
DHR – Lime Green or Raw SRP £2695
DHR – Ltd Edition Neon Yellow, Semi-gloss black or Gloss white SRP £2695
DHR – Anno Black SRP £2749

Comments (14)

  1. Where in Cornwall?! I want to see one in the flesh 😀

  2. You get a free neon paintjob though.

  3. for 2.7K, can you rearrange these word: ‘crack’. ‘smoking’ ‘you’ ‘are’

  4. Do you get the crack free with it as well?

  5. £2.7k… maybe the frame is made from crack??

  6. does it come with mudguard ?

  7. CRC’ll have em for £2k sonn enough. Right….?

  8. That rear shock is going to have a hard life in the real world being that its right in the firing line from all the crap from the rear wheel…

  9. That looks ‘sick’ as the kids say (do they still say it?)

  10. I’ll wait for the 13″ travel version, need it for the potholes where I live…

  11. 2.7k? Enough for a full bike and a car, bonkers!

  12. Got one in ano-black on order. Should be arriving soon. Can’t wait! Have been wanting a Turner DH-bike for over 14years now. Thought this would be the right time to finally get one. Complements my RFX well 😀

    (First one I’ve seen with the new head-gusset here)

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