Prototype Whyte CX bike shots released…

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We’ve just been sent these preview shots of a new Whyte bike set to debut under pro-elite team rider and Olympics 2012 MTB hopeful Billy Whenman. Specs and geometry aren’t set in stone yet but we do know it’s a hydroformed alloy frame using the BB30 standard, forks that look like they could be carbon fibre affairs and best of all, it’s disc specific. Have a closer look below, but if you want to see it in the flesh then Billy will be going racing on it at the CX Sportive this weekend…

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    Like the lack of seatstay bridge that discs allow – a major clog up area for competitors without spare bikes.

    CX with disks would seem to be crying out for rigid lefty type fork to avoid mud clogging?

    oh that is nice. shame I can’t make it to the CX ride this weekend now 🙁

    love the totally inappropriate colour too

    best of all, it’s disc specific

    oh yes indeedy. slot drop out version pretty please!

    Doesnt look that amazing. Lack of a bridge looks nice though.

    looks very low at the front for Mere mortals to ride off road on…..or maybe the saddle is too high for the specified rider?

    Is it just me or does the fork look very like the Niner one?

    I think it is VERY similar to a niner fork. Probably from th esame factory but a bit shorter.

    Rocketdog, it’s billy whenman’s bike so it’s set up for a top level racer.

    > “Rocketdog, it’s billy whenman’s bike so it’s set up for a top level racer.”

    Maybe if he was racing on the road, pro CX bikes have saddle and bars very close to each other height wise.

    sloping top tube, short upward pointing stem and long fork makes the overall position pretty standard to me. Still a proto obviously but looks interesting whatever the size 😀

    I wish someone would get their finger out and design some decent hydraulic disc brakes to go with drop bars.

    @Dibbs, maybe later this year, I’d like some too

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