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Welcome to this week’s bumper edition of videos to keep you distracted during your lunch break. First up, we’ve got a lovely little video showing Sean Walling, owner of Soulcraft, creating one of his steel frames.

Ahh, Hebden tech. Ace to look at, even more fun to do. Here we’ve got plenty of Oranges hammering around some local-to-Singletrack trails in this film, but we’re not liking the line at around 1.32 at all. Ride the steps, not the cheater lines.

Rowan Sorrell has given up on training like a washed up boxer and has been getting out and about on his Five to get himself in shape for the Urge Cabo Verde, ripping around some beautifully leaf covered trails. Pin it!

It’s nice to create a dream build and this custom Turner 5 Spot is destined for the MD of Silverfish, importers of Race Face, Turner and many others. See how many shiny things you can spot going on…

Joe Barnes has been off the bike over winter and onto the skis. Here’s episode six of the Dudes of Hazzard. Jesus makes a third coming too…

A stem that lets your bars rotate? Yes, really. The inventor says it’ll help you keep your weight back when needed and help keep straight wrists under heavy braking. Possibly not one for any surviving Gripshift users though…

Skyline Cycles have been making more lovely videos and this one features the Commencal Meta 5. We’ve just reviewed one in the latest issue of the magazine – ours didn’t do whips and manuals as well as theirs though..

If you’ve seen or made anything you’d like to see up here then drop a line to newsdesk@singletrackworld.com

Comments (32)

    rotating bars??? *chuckles*

    I was dubious about the rotating bars until I watched their incredibly convincing slow motion replays. Amazing.

    Rotating bars….
    It’s not April 1st yet!

    I had rotating bars until I tightened the stem bolts. Scared the crap out of me.

    Hebden, nice.. Dont think much of the squealing at the end when the guy misses the line though..

    Orange Men – ride the proper line!

    Where is the bit with the steps at 1.32 in the second video? Being a local, I am very embarrassed that I don’t know where it is…

    that commencal looks like lots of fun

    “but we’re not liking the line at around 1.32 at all”…. I believe that be “yorkshire lad” of this forum. Naughty naughty 🙂

    Commencal vid- another nice sweary soundtrack on “family friendly” website!

    Rotating stem? Like to see how that works with riser bars and heavy braking…

    Those steps at 1.32 are plenty rideable, it just feels nasty on any bike, so why bother? And the less said about locations the better, especially that one.

    wl- right on bro, those steps are a piece of piss an certainly nothing to get excited about! defo more flow to carry more speed for the rest of track by goin down gully at the side.

    “it just feels nasty on any bike, so why bother?”

    Because it feels nasty?
    Because that’s the trail?
    Because why bother if you’re not riding the line that’s there?

    People don’t notice/complain if bikes stay on the steps. The ugly scar to the right of the steps has riled the Blackshaw locals. Don’t be surprised if anti-bike measures/obstacles get implemented.

    Last point is fair enough. Although I can’t help thinking that sticking the vid on the homepage, and mentioning the location, isn’t exactly going to appease the locals. Nice vid, anyway.

    mrlebowski it’s just good banter between good friends. Lets not get too touchy about the line choice, I’ve rode both and frankly the steps are not fun, they have no flow.

    Thanks for all the other nice comments about the video BTW.

    Orange bikes may not be pretty, but the colours are..just nice..and no one seems to fall off them?

    no i think they’d still complain ben!!! whichever way you go down, its gettin marked tho and so think i mite stick to the steps, anyway lets not delve too deeply into it, were all lovers of two wheels, lets have a group hug! 🙂

    I really like the frame building, it makes we want to get a Curtis built. And I enjoyed Barnes’s snow antics too.

    The frame building was excellent, real genius and craftsmanship at work there. The end product is pretty much my perfect bike….dreams on.

    Commercial vid very nice. Like the Death in Vegas track too, so sick of naff music on good vids, the track on the vid from the downhill in Taiwan was just a shocker. it was like a countrified Ipcress File. :op

    That first video is fantastic, I could watch that all day.


    nice vid of the Commencal Meta 5. Just sad to see the Drop Off cafe empty of furniture, food and people.

    That turner build video is ace, what a stunning bike! Wonder what all that is worth… :-/

    The Turner build vid is ace……………

    wish I had quality bits ‘chucked at me’ in my garage.

    Fcuk – forgot – can’t get in my garage for ‘stuff’

    Liked the Hebden shots too – being from Oooop North

    It’s a sad day when footpath poaching is filmed and put online for all to see. It’ll potentially ruin it for everyone who’s ridden that zone for years. Perfect evidence. But Hollywooooood’s calling so it’s alright!

    Orange need some publicity I see. And SingletrackWorld is, as usual, happy to put people riding Hebden footpaths on the website. So everyone’s a winner aren’t they.

    soulcraft is the bogs dollocks! Don’t know about a rotating stem though…too fiddly and will most probably break !!

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