Basque in the sun with Great Rock

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Ed Oxley, the bearded bad man behind Great Rock, has been a busy boy over the winter. He’s got plans to bask in the rays of the sun this summer and do a bit of riding and some skills coaching and he’d like you to come along. Here’s the news straight from the horse’s mouth…

“Much as I’m enjoying riding in the slither at the moment, I can’t wait to get out to visit Doug in the Basque region of Spain later this year. I’m dreaming of riding under blue skies with fine food and local Cider at the end of each day on the trails.

From 25 June to 2 July 2011 Great Rock will be collaborating with Basque MTB to offer a skills and riding holiday in the lush green mountains and along the wild Atlantic coast of north west Spain. The varied All Mountain riding of this area includes swooping woodland paths, technical mountain trails and fast hard packed coastal singletrack. Every day will include mountain bike skills training with Ed Oxley and plenty of time to put it all into practice whilst being expertly guided by Doug McDonald.

As well as great trail riding, with two uplifts a day to make the most of our riding time, we will be having a proper holiday. There will be great local food to try and even a visit to the infamous Fiesta of Irun, where thousands of people take to the streets to party. Doug knows the riding of the area intimately and his partner Amaia is a Basque local who will be on hand to show us the real culture and life of the area.

The cost for 6 days of skills and guided riding, including bed and breakfast accommodation and airport transfers is £700 per person. It’s easy to get out to the Basque region with cheap flights going from the UK. For more details check out the Great Rock website HERE.

There is lots more information and photos of the area on the Basque MTB website HERE.

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  1. I’m going to have to tear my brain out, because now I have mental picture of ed in a basque.

  2. Now don’t just need to win Lottery to make up for the lack of a job, I’ve found the holiday I want.

    “Dear God of Lotto can you please arrange ……..”

    The scenery has a very British on a good day look don’t you think?

  3. could be cornwall…lol looks great anyway…
    will the beard being on or off in those hot conditions…lol

  4. The climate in the Basque country is warmer, but changeable like ours so I think I’d keep the beard on.

  5. Be very carefully with the local fiestas – I did the Bilbao one last summer and ended up with a 2 day hangover…(Kalimotxo = loopy juice)

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