(Snowy) Midweek Movies…

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We’ll kick off this week with the men of Nicolai roaming up, over and down mountains; it’s like flow-trials-tech riding. You could even say it’s ‘all mountain’. It’s part two of the Nicolai trail diaries…

Here’s a bit of a departure. Chipps insisted that we show you this video by Hurra Torpedo – the world’s most successful kitchen appliance rock group.

Bearded bad man Ed Oxley has got himself a new GoPro camera and has been out playing in the snow with his Tranny. Watch him slip, slide and fall off and stare, hypnotised, as his frozen beard jiggles about. Magical in the same way a drunken Santa is.

Sticking with the DIY ethos, this similarly snowy video from Chris Maloney also goes to prove that despite everywhere being covered in white stuff you can still get some good riding in. Especially if your employers are the sort of suckers that think two inches of snow is good enough reason for you not being in work. You’ll just have to content yourself with panic buying all the fresh fruit and veg in the shops if not…

Woo! The Ox also sent us this snow bike video of Dan Smith riding his modified Orange Clockwork snow bike in Sheffield. It looks a right giggle…

…but not as much of a giggle as riding in Finale Ligure. Look how awful their winter is – there’s a bit of a puddle on one trail and the rest is still dusty. It’s just not fair. Can you tell we like it there?

Here is this week’s obligatory cyclocross video with snapper extraordinaire Geoff Waugh tapping it out at the London League ‘cross race. More cowbell.

Stefan Morrocco has been filming the Scottish Downhill Association races and following a number of the riders and teams to make this, ‘Gravitate’. It follows the up and downs of racing, following riders at home and away. It’s a biggy, so it’s been split into two parts…

Part two is HERE. Stefan is looking for funding to help him keep producing stuff like this, so if you’d like to lend a hand then follow the link on his Vimeo profile.

If you’ve seen anything that’ll drag us out of our snowy existential angst, then send it in to newsdesk@singletrackworld.com and we’ll pop it up here next week…

Comments (9)

    Crap mid week movies Jon – No Sk&ting anywhere ;]

    More drummers on MTB trails please

    I’m glad Ed’s boom mike didn’t come into view.

    Love the Nicolai vid. German tech.

    Drums + Cyclocross x Mud=JOY

    Whats the tune on the Chris Maloney vid? I have heard it before but I cant remember the tune…

    Hurra video needs a ‘builders crack’ warning.

    Top tip – keep burglars away from your house by not showing them where you live and keep your Tranny-DOH!!!

    bit behind the times but nice one pook, congrats on the vid.

    its mumford and sons i think mounty, old farts music =P

    Regarding the Chris Mahoney’s effort. Surely the Hebden Bridge lot would have filmed it better?

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