Shimano Singletrack Classic Weekender – SAVE THE DATE!

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Yes, it’s back – and bigger than ever!

Lee Quarry, Lancashire, July 9-10, 2011

  • 3 different races
  • 1 bike
  • The ultimate “all rounder” event

A weekend of Trials, Downhill and XC racing. One entry fee – all three events.

What makes this event different from any other on the calendar?

The idea of the event is a light hearted competition to find the best all round mountain biker and for riders to work out where they stand in a test of skills, speed and endurance. The aim of the Singletrack Classic Weekender is to have a fun weekend of bike riding, good natured racing and a lot of socialising…

You can take the event as seriously as you want. Whether you’re an Elite rider or just a have-a-go hero, your hard work and bike handling skills will be duly rewarded. Or if you’re there just to have some fun with a race number on the front of your bike, no worries. The format of the Weekender is great for allowing varied competitors to mix it up with each other without messing it up for each other.

The disciplines:

There will be three events in the Classic Weekender that will lead riders to an overall position. It’s roughly based on old skool races, where one entry fee got you entry to three disciplines: XC, Downhill and “Classic” Trials. The only difference being that in this event, all your performances count towards a final, overall position.

Your one entry fee gets you entry to all of these events. They MUST be competed on the SAME BIKE.

To help make the event even more fun and lovely than ever before we’ve now got Shimano on board as the event’s title sponsor. Huge thanks to the team at Shimano UK for getting behind the Classic Weekender.

That’s all the news we have for now. We just wanted to get the date out there ASAP so you can scribble it in your 2011 calendars. If you don’t currently have a 2011 calendar there’s a FREE one attached to the new issue of Singletrack Magazine 😉

Keep your eye on Shimano Singletrack Classic Weekender website for more news as and when we get it.

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