Premier Broadcast: Snow Jokers

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Welcome back to our regular Premier Broadcast. Despite the snow and ice slowing them down, Matt and Jon took the Issue 63 test kit, the Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp Carbon, the Marin Mount Vision, most of the warm clothing in the office and a camera up to the tops to produce a special arctic edition of the Broadcast, complete with falling over, terrible snow puns and a discussion on the merit of seamless fabric multi-use head garments. Enjoy…

[premiervideo height=”300″ width=”480″ src=”extras/media/2010/12/101210Premier.m4v”]

We should warn you that Matt and Jon use a little smidgen of bad language in this video. If you’re under the age of consent or the sort of person that gets offended by stuff like that then we suggest you do a Phil Collins and think twice before watching it.

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    Nice one fellas. Have to say that even though I could see the Giro logo on Matts Xar I was half convinced it was actually a Bell helmet. Well from the front anyway. Seems to be more Bell shaped both overall, vents and visor. Back end is defo Giro though. Nice control on the ice climb Matt.

    [mother voice]Get those helmet straps adjusted on the 661[/mother voice]

    I have Premier subs, why can’t I see this?

    Repatriot – Have you made sure your logged in as a premier user?

    Excellent again, I like these a lot, and Jon and Matt seem to bounce quite well off each other.

    Nope I seem to have lost my premier status?

    very funny. good one lads.

    can’t quite tell whether the over-use of ‘on trend’ and ‘burly’ is meant as a wee-take or done in seriousness…

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.

    repatriot – RE Premier access. Please check your email.

    nice stuff, looked cold at the end! what camera was it filmed with?

    I like these broadcasts too. Good stuff.

    the whole thing left me cold

    Shot on a Canon 550D with the kit lens. It’s a lovely little camera.

    headfirst – what would you like to see? Well, within reason for a 8 minute bike vid…

    Johhny in pun fail idiotness ;] You Avalanche him with complaints headfirst.

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