Newsflash: Liam Killeen signs for Giant

by Chipps 9

We’ve just heard from Giant UK that Liam Killeen has just signed for them. Liam’s in for two years, which’ll take him beyond the 2012 Olympics, where Liam is probably still going to be one of the top favourites to do well for the UK. Liam raced in Bejing in 2008 and, after a first lap crash that left him at the back end of the field, he worked his way back up to a final seventh place. We hope Giant is prepared for Liam’s weight-saving obsession… Other top UK rider Oli Beckingsale rides for Giant, so we’ll have to see if that continues – which’d give Giant a pretty impressive pair of racers in the UK team.

Here’s Giant’s take on it:

The New Year brings an exciting new start for Liam Killeen – fit and prepped for the season, Killeen has partnered with Giant and the award winning Anthem X to create the winning formula.

The Malvern based, cross country athlete confirms these next two seasons are extremely important to him, Killeen commented “Giant are committed to cross country competition; I believe that their enthusiasm for the sport as well as their confidence in my personal development makes Giant the right partner for my future”

Killeen, who has signed with Giant for two years, is ambitious and passionate about a number of cycling disciplines – competition is extremely important to him, with a personal goal of getting a medal in 2012.

Ian Beasant, Managing Director of Giant UK said “Liam tested an Anthem X for a couple of weeks prior to joining Giant – he selected his bike first then the team. Liam’s the best possible ambassador for the brand, I’m delighted he’s joined Giant.”

Liam’s confidence in the sport; product and the brand are the foundations of this new relationship and he is eager to get racing on his Anthem X Advanced SL – as well as helping develop future Giant product.

Killeen continued “being on the right bike really can make the difference between victory and defeat when racing at the top of the sport – I’m confident I’ve made the right choice in Giant with product that can give me the edge”

In addition to racing cross country for the coming season, Killeen will also compete at national cyclocross events on Giant’s brand new TCX Advanced SL. Details on the rest of Giant’s line up of 2011 off-road teams and athletes will be announced early next year.

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  1. Could not think of worse ambasador for the brand, he needs to learn people skills if hes going to be anywhere near a patch on Oli

  2. Giant need to learn how to punctuate – that press release is shocking.

  3. All the best Liam. Hope you do better for Giant then you have managed for your last 2 teams.

  4. good luck to him and now i hope he will settle down and get the results he is capable of and remain injury free. Third time lucky. Having Oli as a team mate is brilliant and can only be a positive thing. Being such a great ambassador for UK XC and mountain biking as a whole Oli is the best team mate to have for Liam to project himself, the team and the brand more. Good luck to them both for the new year.

  5. I think Liam is by far the best XC racer england have had in a long long time, he has proven that on the World Stage which is more than can be said for “Oli”…. I remember seeing him in a mag years ago liking his attitude. Sadly injuries have not helped agreed, Oli might be a nice chap but no-one remembers runners up..

  6. He’s a gifted rider – amazing to watch and race against.

  7. In response to B@rney.
    Oli, a runner-up? I think you should check his palmares. Multiple National Elite Champion, multiple National Series winner and three time Olympian. Thats no runner up chap.

  8. “rottwieler said: On December 23, 2010
    Could not think of worse ambasador for the brand, he needs to learn people skills if hes going to be anywhere near a patch on Oli”

    Having met Liam at several at National Trophy CX events, he’s always been a really pleasant lad.
    Both he and his mother have taken time out to have a chat with us and have been very appreciative of the support that he has received during his slow return to top level competition.

  9. I’m not sure why the boss of Swinnertons in Stoke has beef with Liam either. I met him a few times when I worked at Mammoth and Gary Foooooooord was his manager, and he seemed like a down to earth chap.

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