Magura’s Secret New Brake Revealed

by Chipps 10

Thanks to our pals at we have these spy shots of the long-awaited Magura brakes.

Split clamps, flip floppable levers, tools-free reach control

How minimal is this? Claimed weight is 260g per wheel!

There's a whole new range of brakes coming out.

See for the official line on it.

Very swish...

Comments (10)

  1. At last, an attractive Magura brake!

  2. Is it just me who much prefers the minimalist (and I assume prototype) spy shot version?

  3. ich habe ein wellensittich

  4. Anybody else notice a striking resemblance to a Formula RX?

  5. V10 carbon, Fox 2011, Enve stuff… then Life Cycles movie… now read about this magura program… development, technology… zooming into performance and aesthetical experience so much that sanity gets out of focus. This gets just crazy. I think I want a Cotic Soul with an old Marzocchi and if possible, Sunrims singletrack rims…

  6. Magura – never again.

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