Movember: Polaris Apparel

by singletrackjon 8

The guys from Polaris Apparel have sent us an update on the state of their beard growth for their Movember appeal. They’ve helpfully made a chart of their ‘tache growing heroes and their current hirsute progress…

They’re a scary looking bunch eh?

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  1. The following is not meant to antagonise or anything like that but I have one simple question about this whole ‘Movember’ thing: How exactly does growing a moustache promote awareness in men’s health?

    Movember challenges men to change their appearance and the face of men’s health by growing a moustache

    – surely changing men’s attitude to food and exercise would be a much more direct way of changing the face of men’s health!

    I’m a man and I’m fully aware of the state of my health without resorting to growing a moustache or beard. I just don’t get it.

  2. @swoosh nobody asks you about your attitudes to food and exercise. A moustache is at least a conversation starter if people aren’t used to seeing a furry growth on your face. If people ask why, you can tell them that prostate cancer is a serious problem.

  3. fair point it is a conversation starter but why not just start a conversation rather than wait for people to ask you about a moustache you’re growing for 1 month of the year?

  4. why do women wear a pink ribbon pinned to their clothes for supporting breast cancer? Same thing. So get down off your pedestal, grow a moustache and harden the fook up

  5. like i said at the start i didnt mean to antagonise it was just a question about something I don’t understand.

    And i promise not to shave between now and the end of November – promise!

  6. @swoosh, have you not heard of Decembeard? It’s no shaving till the end of December now!!! (again this it is an assuie prostate cancer awareness event).

  7. [Quote](again this it is an assuie prostate cancer awareness event).[/Quote]
    Well there are at least three Aussies pictured above!

  8. Have you ever tried growing a ‘tache round your prostate gland? Not only would it be uncomfortable, but no-one would be able to see it (under normal circumstances), so the awareness effect would be lost.

    Unless a load of blokes walking bow-legged and scratching their arses could be used to raise awareness…

    I suppose you could do it in August and call it ‘Anugust’. Doesn’t have quite the same ring as ‘Movember’though…

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